Why white collar westerners shouldn't work in Taiwan or for Taiwanese companies?



Sounds like he might be a CCP plant.

His perspective does sound like a Westerner.


Of course, but it’s not like zero foreigners are able to do very well here. I mean if you think being a foreign engineer sucks, being a local one isn’t any better. As much as Taiwan’s work culture sucks, maybe some of the sucking is also on the person.

Very few people I’ve ever known has genuinely liked their job so I’m not so sure it’s all because of Taiwan.


Yeah probably 10% of the sucking.
It’s bad when even your Taiwanese partner goes what the fuck were you thinking coming to work in Taiwan lol.
But yeah I didn’t come here to work either , at least initially, but no workee no food.


Can’t agree more with you on those points…My bosses (Husband & wife duo) amassed their fortune in the 90s…buying components at less than market value (maybe 10% of cost) and selling them at 150%~200%…fast forward to the present and with much tougher competition from China, they are now forced to cut down their profit margins drastically…and to counter this, they make sure the office lights are off in the mornings (even when it’s a cloudy day) and turn them on only after 4pm…likewise with the AC, temp. cannot go below 26C and it turns on only at 11:30AM (just before lunch) and turns off at 4:30~5:00PM.

I would venture a guess and say the OPs from India and he’s a Software Engineer in HsinChu or Neihu :grinning:


Yeah, I was wondering that. Most of the foreigners I see in tech offices are from India or thereabouts.

I totally get his frustrations though. I had to explain to an “engineer” the other day how to convert millimeters to kilometers.


I do know some people who were contemplating coming to Taiwan for work (Non- English teaching folks). And the very basic demand that I asked them to make sure was they get paid over one Million NTD/Year. And this is not including bonuses and what all.

For me, the advantage of Taiwan are simple, Cheaper and better Medical services, safety and lower prices. However, like the OP said, The negatives are outgrowing the positives rapidly and it might be sooner rather than later when I’m forced to think of better options outside TW


You mean in Celsius?? That would be kilograms, I think.


I only deal in furlongs.


You got a lot to answer for, buddy…


Yeah, maybe those Mr. Huangs would be a better choice. I worked for the top companies in in their industry. All very famous…I won’t disclose.

Again, I told before, I used tealit in the past. Besides, facebook is full of taiwan groups etc. So forumosa is not that important as you think…


And yet… here you are


Hi. I’m from Europe. 186cm, White caucasian, brown hair, green eyes. I really didn’t have any problem with my looking in Taiwan.
My English is not native level, so bear with me…


Sorry, I’m not CCP or whatever you assume. I’m from Europe, not a native English speaker though.
Obviously my experience and thoughts hurts some people here.


I time to time read things in forumosa but never thought about joining it. I used Tealit, yahoo groups (back in time) and facebook for Taiwan groups.
I won’t tell which country I’m from. It’s a 1st world developed country in Europe. White caucasian. Not native english speaker. I have no agenda or sth…I only wrote my experience and thoughts.


Most of what you’ve said in your OP has been said in one form or another by others on this very website. Perhaps its not too late for you to set your sails for a new horizon? I mean, just leave Taiwan.


I read about what the op said on this forum numerous times. But, this actually does not correspond to the experience my friends have(I work for my self so cannot comment on personal experience)

But all people I know who work for a employer here have good working hours, say max 8-7 with decent flex , 25+ days holiday per year(plus government holidays), decent compensation etc., and they are not the monkies of the office.

If you are good at your job, you will be compensated fairly here just as everywhere else.


What you said isn’t really true. Taiwanese are overworked and underpaid, hence the brain drain. Taiwanese bosses care less about how good you are at your job and more about how cheap you work.


That is true, but the OP was commenting on working here as a white collar foreigner


It’s the same


Not if you are good at what you do.

I spend about 7/8 year in hk prior to moving here, it’s the same there. If you are small fish you get peanuts, but if you are good at that you do you get fair compensation

There are less opportunities in Taiwan though

You can google salaries taiwan vs eg hk/China as well in comparable positions and it’s kind of the same once you factor in cost of living.