Why white collar westerners shouldn't work in Taiwan or for Taiwanese companies?



What are you waffling about ?


Replying to the OP – USA and Europe have the same going on: increased work pressure. Besides that, working here is a few notches lower. Lower your expectations if you come to work in Taiwan. If you come here to perform t osome standard of excellence, improve things, depending on the group dynamics you are greatly increasing the chance of conflict. Source: 9 years working as a software developer in Taipei and Hsinchu.


If you are a man under 35, does getting citizenship require conscription as well?


Oh I know believe me. My health - or lack thereof- reminds me every day. My first and last thoughts at the beginning and end of each day is how I hate my job. But food must be put on the table. Pain is the price of freedom.


You mean people work max of 8, at least 7 hours a day? I’d laugh if I had the straight.

We are gummit. We work 12 hours a day. Some departments have rotations on weekends, people take turns working Saturday or Sunday at least twice a month.

Of course it is better than my neighbors who work in high tech and get drummed out into forced unpaid vacations…


gov’t workers going 12 hours?


Or more… We are not the last ones to leave!


Much respect.
I stopped working in a certain industry because the hours started at 12 and often went to 18. I couldn’t hack it, I am weak.


I don’t personally have a problem with working 18 if I’m compensated like someone who is working 18. The problem is lots of places make you work 18 and pay you like you worked 8. I also left a job like that after realizing it’s more work hours than what I previously thought was required.


Problem is not working 12 or 18 hours. Problem is after months or years of doing 12 hours non stop your brain disconnects. You are no longer an effective worker. When demands for «innovation, passion, breakthrough» come, they simply bounce off. You have given it all and there is nothing there. You become an empty shell of a human being.


Many people are asking. Just to be clear:

  1. I’m a white caucasian from North Europe.
  2. Not a native English speaker.
  3. I’m so called foreign professional/talent. The company invited me to come Taiwan and work for them; not that I decided to come TW and search for a job. The companies I have worked were all big International companies; they are Taiwan core industries’ most famous ones.


Are you seriously telling me that Taiwan’s citizenship is attractive to you Westerners? Who are you kidding.


Reading these comments I have to ask, has anyone stayed here because they want to? Or is everyone here because they come from a shitty 3rd world country and/or they wouldn’t be able to get a job at home?


Maybe I am one of few foreigners that think Taiwanese work environment is not worse than that of my country. I don’t say my country is a shitty 3rd world, but, I’m not a westerner.


? I meant 8am to 6 or 7pm


Meaning 10 to 11 hours a day. Not everyone gets a two hour lunch break. and at least in our case, lunchtime is NOT included within the work schedule.


Having full citizenship of the country that you live in long term?

What kind of fool would want that?


Work hours and vacation time not even close.


How many years have you been teaching in TW?


Maybe the worlds oldest bosses…