Why white collar westerners shouldn't work in Taiwan or for Taiwanese companies?



Agreed. Taiwan is a horrible place to be employed.

However, it’s a great place to start a company. Lots of skilled and talented people, who are cheap and hard-working. If you pay 20-30% above market rate, they will stick with you.

Especially for people in industries like software, there is little reason to suffer as an employee. Start a company, build a team, and build products for companies in Silicon Valley, where engineering talent is valued.


Software , in theory yes, but is the talent here?


In what ways would that citizenship be useful for you?


Sounds like you are assuming that I am not a citizen.

Judging by your posts elsewhere you come across as someone who might be able to imagine some benefits to citizenship yourself?

Here is a little Wikipedia page all about it


Credit cards, bank loans, business under your own name without hassle, maybe some incentives, able to buy pick up trucks and most tracks of land. Old age pensions, wider range of insurance and lower rates,…

Those are the things that come to mind now. More will come.


I’d add residency and travel freedoms for self and family to that. As the first thing that springs to my mind. And there are several important aspects of that which are not awarded to ARC, APRC or TARC holders.


And, most of them should be awarded to at least APRC holders.

Male nationals can do conscription too.


No doubt some could, but others probably never. For example the ability to get a taibaozheng, to sponsor entry permits / visas for extended family, or to have your children registered to your household and given citizenship. An APRC is unlikely to ever do any of those, I’d imagine.


Another big omission is that foreigners even on aprc cannot avail themselves of discounts for disabled people if they become disabled and of many entrance fee discounts for locals… it’s Taiwan id card only.
The ID card makes everything smooth, whip out an aprc or arc and they have to call help desk as to how to deal with this foreigners strange id card.


Most of these can be acquired without citizenship.

Name one Western passport that has less travel freedoms than a Taiwanese passport. You won’t find one.

Yeah … because foreigners would queue the shit out of their asses to sign up for such wonderful life experience.


I am talking about residency and travel freedoms in Taiwan and China


You can have residency and travel freedoms in Taiwan, in China, and in between without Taiwanese citizenship.




Are you seriously telling me that Westerners can’t live in Taiwan or in China or travel between the two with their own passport?


Pretty much, there do be red tape. Say I am a foreign national and I want to sponsor my mother in law to live in Taiwan? Can I sponsor her visa using an APRC?

Say I am a foreign national and I want to travel from Taiwan to China for work, freely, without having to orgainse a shitstorm of paperwork every single time?

Hey, say I am a foreign national who is also a Chinese national who was born in China and I want to travel to China from Tawian directly without stopping off in a third country to apply for a travel document because the PRC wont stamp my foreign passport because according to them I am Chinese. So now I cant fly to China to visit my family.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg there. There are loads of scenarios


Visaa are expensive , duration limited (for me I can only get six mths most for China ).


Probably not, but in that case the APRC is the one that needs an update, and I sincerely doubt the notion that many foreigners’ moms would want to relocate to Taiwan.

So like all other foreigners then. Taiwanese citizenship is basically a loophole for you because China tries to treat Taiwanese ppl as much as their own citizens as possible.

If you are a Chinese national, you would be able to fly into China as a Chinese national.

I’m not trying to argue that foreigners shouldn’t be granted citizenship. I just find the notion that easy acquisition of Taiwanese citizenship would attract white collar westerners to live here fairly silly. Like who are you kidding. Westerners aren’t lining up to get a citizenship they consider second or third rate.


And what office in Taiwan issues Chinese PRC travel documents?

Maybe she just wants to visit

Fair enough. But when it comes down to the details of personal human circumstances it is sometimes - or often - different.



… if she wants to visit, she can come with her own passport.


PRC passport?