Why white collar westerners shouldn't work in Taiwan or for Taiwanese companies?



you can sponsor her visitor visa.


visitor visa in a PRC passport?


No. Foreigners are not allowed to buy pick up trucks, which are considered work vehicles.

There goes my dream of ever owning a blue truck too.

Taiwanese with or without jobs can apply to credit cards, loans, etc at any bank. We can get denied a credit card just because we are a foreigner.

Etc. Ad nauseam.

All the things taken for granted by Taiwanese immigrants in major economies or even most countries are denied to us based on our nationality. The same treatment in other countries would get a lawsuit but here it is SOP.

We live here. We invest here. We have families here. We contribute. Why are we still treated as unwanted guests?


If I am a Chinese national born in China and the PRC refused to put a visa in my foreign passport then I have to travel to A Chinese embassy to get a travel document before I can travel to China.

There is no such embassy in Taiwan. Therefore I cannot fly to China directly.


Bottom line none of these difficulties would be faced by a person with citizenship.


Well I’m sure that many foreigners are dreaming of buying a pick-up trucks in Taiwan. :roll:

You can acquire a credit card as a foreigner. And no, you need a job to apply for a credit card as a Taiwanese national.

If that’s the case, the APRC needs a revision.

I feel like we are not communicating in the same language. If you are a Chinese national why would you enter PRC with your foreign passport? Why don’t you just enter PRC with your Chinese ID?


I think that foreigners are treated fairly for the most part by the officialdom, but I can also see why a ‘foreigner’ might prefer to be a local citizen.


Chinese IDs and passports and Taiwan entry permits are only issued to Chinese people with household registration. Millions of Chinese have no household registration and therefore have to use travel documents. Chinese Travel documents cannot be issued in China or in Taiwan. They are only issued in Chinese embassies.

Probably sounds like a whole load of spaghetti bullshit by now. Spaghetti bullshit that does not apply if you have citizenship.


Only a select few banks will issue credit cards to foreigners.
The majority want a Taiwanese ‘babysitter’ to cosign to get it.
Personal loans fogeddd about it!!

I wanted to switch to GT telecoms $249 unlimited deal, nope needed a cosigner. I had to file a complaint with ncc who then gave them a call and it worked out. I shouldn’t have to do that

You are right that I doubt it will attract more foreigners. This is a fault of industry here. But Taiwan should do something to keep the ones that want to be here. Gives them more clout internationally than say , chasing them away like they do now.


Tis true


And these are things that should be given to at least APRC holders.


Actually, yes, pick up trucks can be economical. Does not have to be a RAM, but something to carry your surfboard, tent and maybe a grill.

The point is where else do they have something that…dunno, illogical?

I do not think you have ever applied for a credit card as a foreigner. We have. I wished I had the new one by Far East for City Super. Nope. I have yearned for Taishin to open up and let me buy Mitsukoshi. It might have come true…this year of the Lord 2028. And no, putting it under your spouse’s name does not count.

And even locals with 22k salaries get higher limits.


It’s also completely ineffective … working like a water buffalo.


Actually Taiwanese amd Chinese immigrants have access to far more services in my home province than I do. Training, housing help, business classes, and the list goes on. It’s like I never left Taiwan :slight_smile:




This particular inconvenience can be solved by a slight modification of the Rules Governing Permits for People in Mainland China Entering Taiwan.


This particular inconvenience is created by Chinese border controls. The only effect that Taiwan has on it is by issuing citizenship to the person and thereby allowing them to obtain a taibaozheng, and therefore skip the run around.


Ah, I meant the part that you cannot sponsor your mother’s visit to taiwan. If she is a Chinese in PRC with a household registration. If she is a Chinese in PRC without a household registration, isn’t it a problem of PRC rather than ROC?


What you on about ?