Why won't our new TV speak English?

We just got a new LCD TV. I specifically wanted one that, when watching sports from abroad, I can hit the SAP button and hear the English broadcast.

But it won’t switch over. There is a tennis match from Melbourne on now, and my sister in law says it is in English on her TV. But not ours.

I hate to think that I’d throw a new TV through the wall, but I’m considering it.

Anyone got a clue as to what, if anything we’re doing wrong? Is it possible that our cable provider can switch off the SAP?



Did you pay the $3200/month SAP fee to your cable provider?

[color=green]Just kidding[/color]

It’s a conspiracy I tellz ya! Just like when I was a kid and our brand new “colour” television kept showing all those old movies in black and white!


Erm, maybe if you could tell us the make/model of TV… THAT MIGHT HELP!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’ll be an option to choose between Stereo/Mono/SAP probably, and by default it will likely be on Stereo.

Jd, we have a traditional TV for more than years that features SAP … I never got it to do what it should do … speak English … I guess it depends on what the cable company transmits over their cable … the bandwith they use has probably something to do with it … I might be wrong

you likely picked the wrong cable company - there are two in taoyuan, and you got the same one we did (for 2 years) :s

if you can cancel and get the other one … :laughing:

Yes, it all depends on what signals the cable company wants to transmit. Almost any modern TV should support SAP

Hi. I love digital cable. But there are some questions.

 1.Why do some areas get the Disney Channel (standard cable) in stereo with SAP, ENGLISH, but Pingdong doesn

That is precisely how you are viewed by the country’s elite in Taipei. You shouldn’t complain – WHO got to have the official fireworks display on Double Ten Day, eh? Who? You damned southern knuckledraggers, that’s who! So quit your bellyaching and get back out to the paddies or whatever it is you people do away down there.
The president loves you! He’s even said so right there on the TV.

I think this is the case. grr.

I just had to listen to the superbowl in Chinese. :fume:

OK…why don’t the cable channel movies that are Chinese have english subtitles…HUH?
Why not english subtitles on other TV shows. Damn programs are in Chinese and they have Chinese subtitles.:loco:
Answer me that one Mr. Wizard!

It’s our cable provider. They don’t receive the Engrish signal.

AND the wife tells me that our cable bill is due on the tenth, so I’ll be wanting to switch cable companies.

We are in Ying Ge and using Jia-He now.

Who knows what the other San Xia/Taoyuan area cable provider is?



In Sanxia there is only one and they suck because they have a monopoly …

They even don’t know when they are gonna start with Digital TV :s

I guess Taoyuan/Ingge has a second one but not Sanxia/Ingge