Wild West Tex-Mex Restaurant and Bar

Had some meals there recently. One was enough to know the Tex-mex is bad. Huge clumps of melted cheese on top of a mix of some type of meat mix and uncooked vegetables.

On the plus side, they have a mechanical bull! And Friday nights have competition for as few as two people with winner getting a free Taiwan beer. So take your friend, win the bull ride, get a free beer. Or at least one will get a free beer.

There is also a blues bar, another large bar, and a starbucks in the same building. Located corner of Winxin and Shizheng North First Street not far from Outback Steakhouse.

Yeah it’s a very cool building one of the nicest in Taiwan. It’s a pity the establishments are a bit hit and miss.

I went to Tex-Mex a little while ago because of a posting on Forumosa about live bands. It was a nice place, and very much like a Western bar. I forgot I was in Asia, but that was also due to so many other foreigners there that night. The bartenders had good English, and the selection of drinks wasn’t bad. I didn’t have the food, though. Nor did I ride the mechanical bull, but it’s there!