Will a Japanese cell phone work in Taiwan?

I have an old vodafone cell phone I got in Japan.

Can I get it hooked up in Taiwan?

No. completely different systems. Your Jap phone would work in Korea and some parts of China but just about anywhere else it is a dud.

Ah, thanks. I s’pose used cell phones are probably pretty cheap there anyway. I won’t be there long enough to sign up for a normal contract or anything, so I guess I’ll have to buy a phone at retail prices. Just want something cheap and disposable.

Any tips as to where to buy a cheap phone in Taipei?

the old ones won’t work but the new 3G ones (such as with Vodafone/Softbank) are global roaming enabled

Taiwan primarily uses the GSM system though there is one PHS provider which is one of the standards supported in Japan. Dunno if you can transfer phones to their service though.

Ah, Taipei is heaven for finding cheap phones. new ones on each night market starting at 2000 Nt (no monthly fee) or just by a second hand for 500 NT, on the same night markets… Gong Guan is a very good place, or Shilin Night market (inside the “mall”)
Do not buy in a Department store , too expensive .