Will Compassion Ever Save The World?

So, it’s the end of the world. Everyone is dead. Everyone except five people. They almost had a fight to know who would get which continent. So they decided to measure their dicks instead. It was a fast and easy way to settle all arguments. The biggest dick would get the biggest continent and the smallest dick would get the smallest continent. It worked out, at first… They all went their seperate ways.

Soon after, they were all complaining. The one guy in Antarctica kept complaining that he was cold all the time. No one bothered to listen to him.

The one guy in America kept crying that he often felt lonely and scared. No one bothered listening to him.

The one guy in Eurasia kept ignoring that he had no one to talk to, and he kept going on and on about how his dick is big enough to own America. No one bothered listening to him.

The one guy in Africa kept saying “Guys… I’m hungry.” No one listened to him.

And the one guy in Australia winged and winged, “I’m out of beer.” And no one bothered to listen to him either.

After years of being hungry, the one guy in Africa was getting thin. He was left with little choice but to reason. He called a meeting. That’s when he proposed something fantastic. He said “Guys…Lets have compassion for one another.” No, it’s true, that’s what he said.

He said “Guys…How about when I’m hungry, you feel hungry just the same? Then when the bloke in Australia is thirsty, I will feel thirsty. When the bloke in Antarctica is cold, I will feel cold. When the bloke in America is lonely, I will also be lonely. When the bloke in Eurasia feels cheated, I will feel cheated too.”

He then asked “So what are we going to do about it? When you are cold, we’ll warm you up, when you are lonely, we’ll keep you company, when you are thirsty, we’ll share our drinks, and when you are hungry, we’ll give you half of our sandwich.” After a short pause, he added “If I make your pain mine, the only way to aleviate my pain is to aleviate yours. That’s how we have to do it. it’s the only way.”

I think the one guy from Africa was on to something, but yet, everyone got up and left. As they were walking away, the one guy from Antarctica mumbled “As if I’m going to give you half of my sandwich you loser.” Then he added “Geez it’s cold here.”

So what you’re saying is envying Uncle Sam’s big penis is the root cause of modern Islamic fundamentalist terrorism.

One guy got lost somewhere. Or maybe the guy from Africa ate him.

What did they do when the guy with the big whang said “I’m horny. Bend over”???

They beat the shit out of him and that was the end of that.

Utopiasts :roflmao: