Will i get back in country with less 6 months on passport?

i am planning a trip home to canada this october for a few weeks.

however, my passport will have less than 6 months validity remaining on it upon my return to taiwan (though i will have a valid ARC).

will i likely have problems with immigration on my return to Taiwan or is this a non-issue? thanks.

Your ARC will be valid only up to the expiration date of your passport. I’m sure you know this already.

You shouldn’t have a problem coming back. I just did with less than 2 months on my passport. No one at immigration said nothing to old Stanley.

Hello Bruin8,

Why not renew your passport when you go back to Canada?

If you are really worried about it you can also just apply for the new passport here in Taiwan before you go. You’re not leaving until October so you have plenty of time.