Will I learn something or just get candle wax on my sensitive parts?

According to the media, Lin An-tai house – across the river from the Grand Hotel; not far from the Taipei Fine Arts Museum – is open at night, meaning the rooms will be lit I guess by lanterns, candles, etc. Anyone been there yet? Is it worth going?

I give it a 5. If you’re in the area, it’s OK. It’s pretty enough (I went during the day), and there are some not bad exhibits with cards on them if you have time to plow through the prose, and if the Chinese will let you near them to read.

The price (free) is right though. :laughing:

It’s actually a nice work of architecture. Good place for shooting photos. It’s a pity Taiwan has few (if any) old courtyard homes (similar to the ‘si-he-yuan’ you can still find in China, although they’re disappearing there too).

This one 'ain’t bad. But once is probably enough (like everything else in Taiwan).

Thanks Ironlady and Warmonkey,

I’ve been there during the day, I just wondered if anyone had been there at night. It’s open for the next week and will supposedly be lit as it was when the Lins lived there. So, has anyone been there? Is it crowded? Is it so dark you’re falling over?

i thought it was permanently open at nite?

the rest of the article: Lanterns to light traditional home for visitors