Will I run into a problem if I didn't pick up new ARC within 3 days? Can I send a friend for me?

Hi there,
I recently changed addresses and therefore applied for a change of address on my ARC within 15 days. I received an email on 19th of August telling me it was ready for collection and to come and pick it up within 3 days.

Long story short, got into an accident and now I can’t walk so I didn’t go and pick it up. Will I get into trouble for not picking it up within 3 days?

Also, can I send a friend to pick it up for me if they bring my passport + current ARC?


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I don’t think it would be an issue, but don’t quote me.
I would call them, you’d get a better answer.

They can mail them out too, they’re doing that for me…whether I like it or not haha.

Wont be a huge issue unless you try and leave the country. You can either have a friend pick it up (but they’ll need a power of attorney document) or have the NIA just mail it to you.

Yeah, you should probably call them to check. It sounds like you have a valid excuse though - I doubt they’d give you much trouble over this.

That said, I’ve picked up an ARC for someone else before. I think I just took her previous ARC and the collection receipt (or whatever it’s called - the piece of paper they give you when you apply for a new ARC). It might have helped that we were living at the same address (as shown on our ARCs), but I didn’t get the impression that it was a big problem or anything unusual. I didn’t need a power of attorney.

IIRC, she was also late in picking it up - maybe by several weeks or something, and that didn’t seem to be a problem either.

Thanks for your help. I’ve sent them an email and will try to have my friend pick it up or have it sent my mail.

You’ll need to pay the 29NT! Apparently we are now no longer allowed to pick up APRC’s, they must be mailed whether you like it or not and you’re forced to add 29NT to the 10,000NT bill to cover the registered post…

Before Covid you could just have someone take the receipt and another form of your ID to pick it up. No need for any special papers or anything.