Will Taiwan Be Able to Lower Its Voting Age From One of the World’s Highest?

Is ‘experience’ a prerequisite to vote now?

And you’re basing this off a few people? Is running a stove a prerequisite to vote?


But that would put thousands of people out of jobs. And those jobs are the only thing they’ve ever known. Plus they get to retire at the age of 50 or 55 from those places and still get their full public service pension (although that may have changed from new people going in in the last 5-10 years).

What will all this people do if they no longer had to look up ID numbers and stamp pieces of paper before telling you you had to get it notarized?

Your friend’s what? And why is he/she around “18 year old kids”?

Please excuse my poor English. I meant kids around/near the age of 18, close to 18 years old.

so will automation. What is the social safety net for non government jobs and benefits? That argument was proven false when the toll booths were removed. I get your sarcasm, and agree :face_with_monocle:

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If you are taxes, you should be able to vote. If you can drive, same. if you cant vote, you shouldnt be able to buy government allowed narcotics. and so on. The excuses run thin very quickly to be honest.


I think the voting age should be 15 or 16. Along with mandatory politics and international relations classes in school. They could throw in accounting and banking as mandatory subjects as well. The governments over the last 15 years have made an awful lot of decisions that affect young adults. It’s only fair that those young adults be allowed the chance to have their say take into consideration.

In some countries in Europe it’s already 16. Yes yes and yes for basic banking and accounting classes at school (something like Financial education). Too many have no clue how to deal with money, no saying investing proficiently or structuring investments, but basic things like send a transfer, pay bills, understand credit vs debit concept, things like this.


Hmmm…I guess I do not see the connection you are making between items like driving and voting. I do not see the ability to drive as an indicator to the experience level of a young person with regards to issues in society and the practical application of various government directions and actions related to such issues.

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my logic is that if you are deemed responsible enough to be taxed on work you do, be willing to due for your country or are deemed safe enough to be responsible for peoples lives on the road, you are responsible enough to vote.

not saying people actually are responsible enough, but if the requirement on all those is age based, I feel strongly you should be allowed to vote if those things are also permitted. Especially income tax and military in some countries. Not saying lowering the voting age necessarily. one could change the other laws as well.

Driving requires critical thinking and intelligence. I think we all agree testing should be way harder based on what we see on the roads. but the requirements are age then a test.

probably testing for voting would allow too much corruption. so change the other stuff.

I think testing should more accurately reflect what we see on the roads. And enforcement needs to be ramped up. And infrastructure needs to be sensible. A harder test won’t matter when people will continue driving the way everyone else drives :idunno:

Compare what an average 16 year-old in Sweden (for example) knows about life and the world around them; economic, political, environmental and social issues, with a 16 year-old Taiwanese. And you want to give them the vote?
Jesus, they can’t even boil a fucking egg or tie their own shoelaces.


Very true. Though I find testing quality to be currently on par with reality on the roads :crazy_face:

Ideally, rather than take away rights as punishment for not being smart enough, let’s make them smarter and give them more responsibilities. Continual downward spiral doesnt seems optimal.

my 2 cents.

Utopian speculation. Try pitching that theory to parents and educational institutions.

When I worked at 16 in America I paid taxes but did not have a clue about politics and the key issues in society…well, that is just me. At 18 I wasn’t any better. Only after stopping university studies to go back to work at 21 did I start having a clue.

As for driving…at 18 I would not consider myself that responsible a driver…well, that was just me…still a little clueless.

As for military service I think the age to be in actual combat should be 21. Training can start earlier but unless at actual war conditions then serving in combat can start at 21.

Actually, my serious thinking about politics started at 21 with my bosses feeding me Heritage Foundation books on a monthly basis. Four years of work then back to university with economics, sociology, etc. courses. I probably did not have a good enough sense of politics until age 28.

Is boiling an egg a prerequisite to vote in Sweden?

No, but it’s indicative of how childish and ignorant late teens in Taiwan are.

Is emotional maturity a prerequisite to vote? Is this written somewhere in law?

Okay. Let the children vote. I don’t care.