Will they tell the boss?

I finally got an Art51 work permit, have 2 work permits now. Is it possible 4 me to change my ARC so residence is by the Art51 permit not the original work permit but without Boss #1 knowing/being told? Don’t want original boss to get mad but would be better 4 me to use Art51 cuz it gives more time for ARC and other docs based on it, right? I still will work for both companies.

The Art51 work permit is just a work permit. It doesn’t give you residency rights.

I thought Richard had said @ some time that u can get residency (an ARC) if you have a work permit by Article 51…any work permit is OK for residence…???

For ESA 51.01.03 or 51.01.04, it might be possible. What is your situation?