Will you upgrade to Office 2007.l

Are you considering upgrading to MS Office 2007

  • Yes, it has important features.
  • Yes, because it’s easier to use.
  • No, I’m happy with Office 2003
  • No, I use another document creation package.

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I’m considering upgrading from Microsoft Office 2003 Standard (Students/Teachers edition) to MS Office 2007 Standard (Office and Home edition). I want to upgrade hoping that MS office has powerful features to make document creation much easier.

I was really impressed on the ability to rotate and place graphics in 2003 that did not exist in Office 98.

I mostly use my Office to create flash cards, worksheets, news letters and booklets for my students.

I’m hoping that the new Powerpoint has the ability to randomize slides so I can conduct flash card quizes and games.

I have not had time to take advantage of the free trial. If you are going to upgrade, please tell us why or why not.

Me upgrade office? Not likely. At school, I still Office 97 with Publisher 98. It works fine for most stuff that I use, and I’m still finding features that I didn’t know before. As long as I can keep win98se running, I’ll probably just use office 97.

I like the html document creation tools in word. It creates really simple html documents, a feature that was lost after 97. I can never use the html pages that later versions have because word adds too much junk at the beginning. It also means that those pages don’t work properly in other html editors.

So, yes, to office *7, but it ain’t preceded by the number 200. It might even be preceded by three 'o’s! Of course, Openoffice 2.0.x is a great alternative to word.


I got rid of MS Office and just use Open Office. It does the job just as well, and the price is right.

OK, I was going to say the same thing, but thought I shouldn’t. Now I feel better about saying it.

OO does the trick for me as well. I’ll include the link:


I’m still satisfied with my old Office XP, which works perfectly fine. I’m not going to fork out $$$$$$$$$$$$ for a more bloated version of Office filled with features I never use, that I can only install on one computer.

You forgot the “No, I’m sticking with (not “happy with”) Office 2003” because I don’t want to give MS any more of my money"

I’ve been running vista and office 2007 beta versions on one of my computers for months.

The Office 2007 is cool, although it has a completley new layout which will piss you off no end trying to find things like spellcheck.

Most of the programs like word and excel have a new extension. HAHA. Just to make sure of incompatibility with earlier versions. Of course in the new version you may choose to save in the “old” format, but by default if you write a document lets say in word, it will coose to save it as .docx file .

“No, I’m sticking with (not “happy with”) Office 2003” because I don’t want to give MS any more of my money", that’s a good one. Can I edit a poll? I’ll check, it’s not something I can do running between classes.

Open office sounds great! I’d like to give it a try. I just spent too many years trying to get my computer to run and not enough time actually working on it. I’ve been happy since I forked over the money for a complete package and operating system.

Need another option “Yes, coz I can”. Upgraded and dont use it that much but I just like keeping things updated :wink:

No options for “Yes, because I had no choice”.

Actually I’ve been Using Office 2007 in its beta form for over six months now. I found it quite stable, even in its beta forms (unlike other thinks that were also in the works). I still have problems finding old features that I used in previous versions. The new toolbar may be good for newcomers and occasional users but, speaking as a 10+ year user of Office, I can’t find a damn thing anymore.

I like some of the new features in Outlook. If you work for a large company, the ability to overlay others’ calendars over your own to find corresponding meetings or open times is invaluable. Also the right-pane that shows upcoming tasks and meetings is pretty cool. It wastes real-estate if you don’t have a wide-screen monitor, though.

Why did I switch? Well - when you work for the company that wrote the software, eventually they’re going to want all of their people using it. I’d rather adopt early before I NEED it to write documentation for a project and can’t find the features I’m looking for. I just wish the put the new functionality into the old application.

My favorite feature that’s been REMOVED: The autotext/autocomplete feature in Word. Used to be able to type something like “F.com” and it would automatically change to “Forumosa.com”. There’s some sort of feature that’s supposed to replace that but so far doesn’t seem to work the same.

The usual disclaimer: I don’t represent my employer or anybody who works for my company, blah blah. Opinions expressed are those of my own, blah blah. We are the Borg, you will be asimilated, blah blah.

I’m running Office 2000 (me…caveman…) and will not pay bloated ridiculous prices for Microsoft’s newest memory hogging version. Funny that from them, an OS is cheaper than basic office software. They need to get that one right before I’ll upgrade. Word is Word, as far as I’m concerned. All the new bells and whistles don’t interest me, and you can still get security updates from their home page for old products.

Does anyone know anything about the Office 2007 promotion in the 7-11 stores? It’s all in Chinese.

[quote=“Fortigurn”]Does anyone know anything about the Office 2007 promotion in the 7-11 stores? It’s all in Chinese.[/quote]Looks like you pay five thousand or so for the software and get a free memory stick. (I only glanced at it, though even if I’d tried to read it I wouldn’t have got much more information).

That’s the general idea I received (from my primitive interpretation), but it seemed to me that NT$5k was incredibly cheap for Office 2007. I’m guessing it must be the absolutely basic edition. Maybe the 'Home And Student edition, or perhaps the ‘Standard Upgrade’ edition.

It would be truly comical if they called one cheaper offering of Office the “Absolutely Basic Edition”. I’d buy it! It’s all I need.

I thought the same thing, 5k for Office with a memory stick to boot is cheap. I’m going to check into it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are only Chinese versions though.

It would be truly comical if they called one cheaper offering of Office the “Absolutely Basic Edition”. I’d buy it! It’s all I need.[/quote]

That’s pretty much what the ‘Home and Student’ edition is (Powerpoint, Word, and Excel).

Ah, good point.