Win 2003 Assistance required

OK, before i go totally round the bend on this, i need to know if anyone has experience in setting up Windows 2003 server, mine is not doing what i want, i imagine down to user setup error more than anything else.

Before everyone starts saying you should be using Linux or whatever, that might be, but i have 2003 bought and paid for, so want to use it.

It is more of fine tweaking the setup i imagine, and maybe adding a role, but i am past my knowledge or ability on this platform.

Thanks in advance for those that are preapred to help, please send me a pm with your contact number and i will call you, unless you want to leave it publicly in a reply.

What is it that you actually need help with?
Or are you just having problems with install?
Are you missing a snap-in?

Hey Traveller,

I’ll have to see if I can help in the next few days. So far I’m not quite sure.

But about the issue we talked about, it’s a question of browsing across subnets. If you used Active Directory with a domain controller and WINS server on each subnet (network), it would definitely work. That’s normal practice.

Maybe you could use a WINS server without active directory. Maybe you could also find a way to route necessary traffic so browsing works across subnets without Active Directory. Those things aren’t normally done within a company that uses Windows Server so I’ve never tried them.

Active Directory and WINS is the way to go. If it seems a bit much, I’ll be happy to help.

Hey Traveller,

I wonder if any of that made sense. It’s a bit of work just to get things working properly.

The latter suggestions are easy to try. If they work, great. If not, you could also add all the computers to the lmhosts file on each computer. I believe browsing over different subnets would work in this case.

You may also be able to get by with your own Windows DNS server without Active Directory. I’m not sure if computers register themselves in DNS without AD. Maybe. It’s also quick to try and you’ll see if it works.