Win One Million Dollars in a little over Two Hours!

That’s right no joke…if you win the [color=darkblue]ING Taipei International Marathon [/color]on December 19 with a finishing time of less than 2:14 you take home one million NTD :flowers: (actually it would be NTD 800,000 after they take out the tax but one million clams sounds much better).

So who’s up for it :loco: OK, if you don’t feel like pushing the African VIPs for the jack but still wouldn’t mind taking part in the celebration with thousands of other people in either a full marathon (42.195KM), Half-marathon (21KM), 9KM or 3KM fun run, then sign up at the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association Office located at the Chungshan Football Stadium. Hey, the 3KM jog is even free, but why not take home a finishers medal along with other souveniers from participating in one of the other events and impress your friends or the girl/guy in the next cubicle. :sunglasses:

Here is the link (they even have English info and entry form):

oh only one million nt$

Just a reminder that for all you interested runners and joggers, the last day to enter any of the road races for this event (42.195K, 21K, 9K) is tomorrow November 11, otherwise you can only enter on-line until November 17 (an extra NTD150 fee).