Where are some of the better places to buy wine around town. I’m specifically looking to buy a case of Peter Lehmann’s Clancy red. Any help would be appreciated.

Bottoms up, Elmo.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Peter Lehmann’s wines here-except perhaps at Costco.

However, the new supermarket in the 101 building has a biggish selection of Australian wines and wine in general. They’re ridiculously overpriced.

That supermarket has an incredible selection of Aussie and New Zealand junk food at prices only the most desperate of the homesick would falk out for. I guess their market is the super rich that live around the Hsyni area, but they’re only novelty shoppers at best for these kinds of items so god knows who they’re targeting really.

Visited their vineyard last year - a most enjoyable experience! Their Taiwan importer at that time was
Caldbek Ltd,
7F, #200, Pa Te Rd. Sec 2. Taipei.
Sorry - no phone number!

If that has changed then the address below is their SEA rep for Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Charles Poon,
Bacchus Pacific Pty Ltd

Suite 3002A
Level 30 Aurora Place
88 Phillip Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 9241 1772
Fax: +61 2 9241 1638


There seems to be a bit of a wine war going on now between Tesco (British owned) and Carrefour (French). The Tesco stores that I’ve visited each have a fair selection of wines, and it seems that Carrefour is taking steps to match their selection. The bottom line is that I’ve gotten a decent bottle of cab sav, a decent merlot, a good French white table wine, and Lehmann’s chardonnay for nt$179 each in the past 4 weeks. The Lehmann’s may have been mislabelled, but it rang up nt$179 at the front (Carrefour, I believe). That’s like us$5.25 for a better than average chardonnay, imo.