Winter Olympics ice hockey

Who will win the men’s hockey gold medal?

  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • USA
  • Finland
  • Czech Republic
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Norway
  • Latvia
  • Austria
  • Slovenia

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Looking forward to US-Russia game, 8:30 Sat night our time. Anyone know about TV schedules or venues showing the games here?

Gonna be a great tourney with the large ice surface giving the Europeans a bit of an edge (likely won’t see a Canada/US final like in 2010 and 2002).

I still gotta go with the lads though, too fuckin tragic if they even consider losing.

almost as tragic as our new sweaters (brutal!):

I like the red one. Anything can happen, but a Russia-Canada final would be something.

they should throw in Croatia or French in group A just to make the flags even more confusing…

I see Brass Monkey showing games for one.

ELTA and ELTA on CHT’s MOD will .

and your MOD or cable if it carries ELTA

I don’t think kbro has it.

then check if your cable carries CCTV5, the Chinese News Channel will also broadcast the ice hockey games.

Starts tonight, Sweden-Czech at 1AM! Sweden’s my pick to take down two soft favorites. No holes, a lot of strengths and Hank. Russia’s D and goalies won’t get them there. Canada’s Olympic record overseas is less than stellar.

200 channels on my tv and no winter olympics!!! Is Brass Monkey the only place showing hockey (or even other events?!)?

I purchased a WiTopia one month VPN for like $5 USD. Allows me to watch CBC on my computer. I’ve attached my laptop to my TV via HDMI. Great quality!

Final elimination brackets … g-forward/

is Latvia v.s. Swiss a rematch? I remember they played a very tough match where Swiss managed to score right before it went into OT.

Yep, the top 4 seeds draw byes, and the next 8 have to qualify for the quarterfinals.

sorry, I don’t quite understand the advancement rules. I saw they had FIFA World Cup like points, I thought it meant the teams with the most points would advance…

Judging from that bracket, it looks like even though Lativia has yet to win a game, if it wins against Switzerland it would advance to the next round, or do these upcoming games determine which team would earn enough points to enter to the next round, and Latvia is basically out no matter the outcome?

It is pretty weird. All twelve teams advanced. The top 4 seeds get byes to the quarterfinals, and the remaining eight play in a qualification round. Winners of the 4 qualification matches advance. So for example, if Latvia wins here, they advance regardless of their previous record.

wow… that is just bizarre…

not that I would mind, but if Latvia advances to the next round, it would make a lot of unhappy Swiss.

Stereotypically, a very jolly people.

Stereotypically, a very jolly people.[/quote]

so are they angry yet? 3:1…

I’m sure they’re okay. Fair is fair.

Russians seem to be angrier about the “dislodged net rule” lol. That one really blew my mind. … --nhl.html