Wireless VGA

Here’s what I’m looking for, and wondering what you guys would recommend locally?

Standalone transmitter with a VGA plug that computer goes into. Standalone receiver with a [don’t care] connection that goes into a monitor/TV. 1080p preferable, but 1024x768 and 720p would be minimum need.

We have a USB wireless VGA setup that is a bit wonky. It works, but barely. We’d also like to mirror our iPads wirelessly for whiteboarding use.

Does the computer have HDMI output or only D-sub?
There are tons of companies that make what you want here, but I dunno where to buy one…
I guess this is sort of what you’re after, but it’s not cheap stand.com.tw/showroom/view.php?C=5172677
This might also do the job goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?11081217607162

Thanks Swede, the HDMI one is a big bulky and we have several of the IOGear USB Wireless VGA things. It’s a piece of shit. It barely works on Windows 7 and no-go on Mac OS, which our designers use.

The iPads and all of the computers have D-Sub. This is mainly for collab. We have several big screens in our office and want to make it so anyone can simply put their screen up on one or both of the big screens either from their desk or from a couch we have near one of the screens. Also if we had this, we could mirror the iPads up on the screens while we whiteboard on them.

Really just looking for a little stub with an antenna that takes batteries and hooks into a male or female VGA with a corresponding receiver on the other end. Basically, the IOGear thing but without doing it over USB.

Should I start looking at like outdoor video setups to retrofit?

I think you’re not understanding how this technology works which is a problem. It’s not as easy as you’re hoping and at the moment, the transmitters are large if you want to go beyond 1024x768 resolution.
To be able to send a high resolution image you need a lot of bandwidth and video takes up even more bandwidth.

For whatever reason, you have a very limited choice when it comes to things that you can plug into a D-sub connector to send video, as most of the solutions out there rely on a proprietary USB dongle. As you said, all the dongles seem to be Windows only as well.

Most other solutions will be like the one from Asus, two large things for fairly short distances, as at full HD you’re at the moment stuck with a fairly limited range that you can send the signal.

There are new things coming, but we’re not there yet, although hopefully some more things should be out by the end of the year. There are a few competing standard for wireless HDMI, but neither has really taken off as yet.

I guess you could try contacting this company goodway.com.tw they do wireless USB to D-sub adapters, but no Mac support that I can see. Maybe you can convince them to do add Mac support for you…

This thing might actually do the trick, but it seems a bit out of date with 802.11g Wi-Fi paradigm.com.tw/PE_DigitalHome_PTI-5020.html

This one from ViewSonic might actually be something you can get hold of viewsonic.com/products/projectors/wpg350.htm

If you’re willing to jailbreak your iPads, you can run the Veency VNC Server on them.
cache.saurik.com/veency.mov demo video

Then a VNC client can be run on the machine connected to
your projector/screen in order to forward the iPad display
to the projector.

you could just use webex

excerpted from: webex.com/apple/ipadfaq.html

Can I present content from my iPad?
This feature is not supported with this release.

This thing is meant to work with OS X, but of course not on sale in Taiwan that I know of store.warpia.com/ProductDetails. … ode=SWP200

Thanks Swede. From our experience with the IOGear USB setup, really wanting to stay away from any USB-based setups. They take too long to initialize, can’t hot swap, and won’t support work with the iPads. We’re looking for quick swap, no setup simplicity.

We may just wait it out and just get one of the more “wireless cord” type of solutions when it matures a bit more.

BTW, I think I missed you at the Roxy Roots get together. Will you be at Mobile Monday?

Don’t tend to go to mobile monday, so I guess that’s a no.
As I’m not a developer it’s not all that interesting.

Should be some more Wireless HDMI products coming later this year, but alas, I don’t think they’ll work with the iPad. I know Asus is working on a few different solutions as they demoed them at Computex.