Wisdom Tooth Extraction without insurance 2020

Hello, I think it’s about time for one of my beloved wisdom teeth to be torn out of my head

I’m just visiting Taiwan and don’t have any health insurance here, however I suspect it will be than in the US

Does anyone have experience getting their wisdom teeth removed without insurance and know the general price?

I don’t have any experience with wisdom tooth. But in my general experience with dentists here, they are very professional and unbelievable cheap.

Don’t think this will cost you much, but maybe you can get it covered by your travel insurance?

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I’m not sure whether they charge a bit more for wisdom teeth, but I had a molar tooth removed a couple of months ago for 2500 TWD (no NHI), which seemed to include an additional checkup a week or so later. That was at a dentist near Taipower Building MRT, which I’ve been to a couple of times - can try to find the exact info later if it’s useful.

I also saw another dentist near Nanjing Sanmin - more of a cosmetic and endodontic one to discuss whether I could save the tooth, and seemed nicer and somewhat more professional inside. That seemed to be slightly cheaper for the extraction IIRC, although I might be remembering it wrong.

Thanks for the info I appreciate it :ok_hand: I saw many people online asking about this sort of thing without any answers so hopefully this thread can be a resource for years to come

You need more visits after the surgery/removal for wisdom tooth. Mine was extraxted back 2008. Three of them, one by one. Luckily with NHI.

I have a recommendation for you , i just had a molar root canal from very reasonable price $3400nt

I had No insurance and he can handle a liltte English

Maybe get a quote from him also only 100nt xray

Don’t know about the cost without insurance part. I had a wisdom tooth removed by a dentist many years ago and since had two removed by oral surgeons.

Go to an oral surgeon.

Many dental offices have a roving surgeon who comes a certain day of the week, you’ll need to see the dentist first to set up the appoint, get x-rays etc., then the surgeon appointment and extraction followed by a follow up a week later to remove any stitches and check healing etc. , they’ll likely also prescribe precautionary antibiotics.

Other option is to visit a hospital, I went to an excellent oral surgeon in the Ci Ji (Tzu Chi) hospital in Xindian, very professional and spoke excellent English.

Just go to a hospital and get it assessed then get it done there too. They need to use local anesthetic (maybe why always in hospital). I had one wisdom tooth removed cuz of pain, and the street dentist said I had to go to hospital to get it removed.

Yeah, I had insurance here but can’t imagine it costing something I wouldn’t pay (if I hadn’t insurance). Other than teeth cleaning, any cosmetic dental work is just the same cost as back home.

Just got mine removed. I asked for a quote without NHI, they said it was around 2000 NT. This was at a relatively big dental clinic in Banqiao.

One appointment for assessment, another for extraction, another for checkup.

Hella cheap … wow

My top left one just started growing in and every time I close my mouth I painfully bite my cheek so I think I might have to get them removed…

What is the procedure like? Painful? Long? I assume they just numb you up and rip it out?

Not sure how different wisdom tooth extraction is, but I got one of my molars removed in February, after having problems with it for a couple of years since a root canal a decade ago.

It wasn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t put it that high on my list of pleasurable experiences either. No real pain (due to the anaesthetic), but the feeling of the dentist applying all his strength to crack my tooth and wrench it from my jawbone was quite… disconcerting.

I think he also messed up the injection too and caused a bit of nerve damage that lasted a couple of weeks (felt something like a sharp electric shock during one of the injections, which I’ve never experienced before, and the left side of my tongue was numb for a few days after).

It also bled quite a lot for the next few hours. I should probably have gone home immediately to rest but went to buy some electronic components instead, then realised in the store that blood was dripping down my beard and face (couldn’t feel it because of the anaesthetic). Fortunately I was wearing a dark face mask at the time, but it was a bit grim.

Overall, 3/5. I’ve also been recommended to get some of my wisdom teeth removed, but I’m not in a rush. :grimacing:

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Just went in not an hour and a half ago and got it ripped out.

From your and other descriptions I was actually expecting a lot worse – but so far (I assume I’m still pretty drugged up) it was much better than I expected. 3/5 seems pretty fair – I could totally see feeling good enough to go electronics shopping afterwords.

Overall from walking in (without an appointment) to walking out was less than an hour. The local anesthetic had me feeling pretty nauseous for about 10-15min afterwords but am feeling much better now.

With health insurance it actually didn’t end up costing me anything – so I can’t imagine without costing that much.

Highly recommend this clinic in Kaohsiung, very professional, very clean, and very fast: https://g.page/Singmate?share (my wife was super skeptical of their 4.9 rating, but after going there it’s totally legit)

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I actually need my wisdom teeth removed as well. Am in China now and it is not urgent by any stretch. Im going back to the States by the end of 2020 and am not going to get it done there, I haven’t had dental insurance for most of my adult life and I’m not gonna pay 5K. Im gonna check around the dentists here but having read the OPs experience, I might wait until I get to Taiwan to get it done. Also have the option of going to Hong Kong.

On that note, anybody had LASIK done in Asia? I heard its half the price and just as safe as in the States. Im going to look into it soon as well