WISHLIST for legal rights in U.S

Easing the morass of requirements for collecting Social Security benefits while living abroad and the issue, as I currently understand it, of having to move my wife and I back to the States for at least 5 years before she is entitled to receive survivor’s benefits upon my death. This requierement means that I must interrupt my career abroad for 5 years, leave my friends and my wife’s family and re-establish ourelves in the U.S. for no good reason other than to appease an obscure rule that is misguided.

Note: I’ve split this off into a new topic.

It would also be nice if the US stopped insisting on taxing foreign income of their citizens who live overseas long term. It is one of the few countries in the world to do so. Especially when they make it difficult to impossible for overseas residents to participate in the government benefit programs funded by the taxes.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 becomes permanent.

Roe VS Wade isn’t a reference for abortion rights.

Gay marriage and abortion rights to be enshrined in the Constitution.
Separation of church and state to be absolute.
Electoral cllege to be abolished.

All “affirmative action,” welfare, and civil rights laws overturned. Full freedom of association and states’ rights restored. (Liberals and conservatives could go live as they please in their own states.)

No legal recognition of corporate “persons.”

Libertarian tax laws. No more wasting money on farm subsidies or public schools!

Marriage laws reorganized into pure contract law. Polygamy, gay marriage, whatever, gets equal recognition from the state.

Debt jubilees every 70 years, just like the Bible say.

All descendents of illegal aliens to be stripped of citizenship.

Buying and selling of citizenship allowed so that, for example, poor Americans can sell their citizenship to rich foreigners, and then go live in some foreign hellhole where they would be happier, probably.

Western civilization declared to be the official civilization of the USA. English declared the official language, and Christianity the official majority religion (different from official religion). Immigration regulations fine-tuned in order to preserve the cultural richness of white people.

A parliamentary system. Or if we must have an independent executive, how about a plural executive like the one from John Titor’s universe?

Canada declared to be an inalienable part of America–our “near abroad”. Annexation of Baja California in exchange for forgiveness of Mexican debt.

Permission required in order to breed. Requirements would include the signatures of at least two adults with minimum income levels. Father must give permission in order for fetus to be carried to term.

Klingon “Right of Vengeance” officially recognized by law.

Lowering of the age of consent in the case of animals whose lifespans are lower than humans. You know, since one “dog year” is equal to seven human years…?