With so many Pan-Blue fugitives, are they still a majority?

I saw this article about another Pan-Blue getting sentenced to jail:

taipeitimes.com/News/front/a … 2003202047

I remember reading somewhere about others no? Do they still have a majority in Parliment?

Let me sit you straight Hobart, your beloved DPP has an equal number of boys and girls on the lam. You ought to check out the wants and warrants more often. Would it shock you out of your PanGreen shoes to realize that the Taipei Times makes a policy of not reporting the Green Fugitives??

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Hey Brian, not that this is relevant to anything, but don’t you work for the Pan-Blue media?

Regarding the list of fugutives that are also Green, thank god the DPP is clean enough to put not only the KMT/PFP gangsters in jail, but also their own.

So anyone know what the actual body count is, how many are left on each side?

In this article taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/ … 2003202065 the Taipeitimes states there are 112 KMT/PFP legislatures but two are fugitives. There are 11 independents and 225 seats total. So are there 102 Pan-Greens or as BK says are there a lot of Green fugitives? No doubt there are, but how many?

I am trying to figure out how many more Pan-Blues need to go to jail before the Greens control the Lifa Yuan.


Please post your list of pro-green fugitives.

Hobart, I don’t work for anyone in the sense of 9 to 5 job. I sell my freelance work where I can. Most recently I have sold pieces and had them appear in Taiwan Review (is that Pan Blue?) the AmCham Topics magazine (same question), The American Journal of Chinese Studies (well, they don’t pay money but got lots of copies), the Taiwan Bar Journal and Classical Fighting Arts magazine (the latter two are not Pan Blue that I am aware of).

Now, let’s see, what media has blacklisted me? Oh, that is right, the cunts running the Taipei Times. Good Pan Green publication; very committed to free speech, racial equality and other forms of cosmic goodness.

Hobart, I realize it must be disappointing to realize the DPP is made up of the same sleaze bag nitwits as the other party (actually parties) but you got to understand (as the locals will be quick to tell you) you are fighting 5,000 (I guess now it is 5003) years of Chinese history and throughout that history “government” has meant this:

  1. memorize a bunch of bullshit Confucian verses
  2. cough them up on a Civil Servants exam (much the same in Taiwanese public education)
  3. win a “degree” (in modern times this means go to U.C. Berkley and have them sell you a “foreigners Phd.”—yes kiddies there is such a thing)
  4. get some post somewhere
  5. start lining your pockets, skimming taxes, influence peddle et. al. (this is unchanged in modern times)
  6. and realize that the public who you are fucking over is too “fate” orientated to say anything or give a rat’s ass.

That is just the way it is and it don’t matter if you are Tang Dynasty, Ming or Qing or Republican era or KMT or-----DPP.

That is the name of that tune, live with it.

Feiren, I will be over at the Taipei Trial Prosecutors tonight and I will get a list of some of the DPP “Most Wanted”.

take care,

Wow, they blacklisted you huh? I think I will have to subscribe now. They have better taste than I gave them credit for. I guess they know good writing with sound logical arguements. Maybe they hate arsehole lawyers too like the rest of us or smell a Blue supporter from a mile away.

Actually, now there are only 223 humans in the legislature. One died (PFP) and one was thrown in prison (DPP) for bribery (during the time he was a city councilor).


Hmm, I thought so. Annette Lu’s wouldn’t be one of those, would it?[color=red]*[/color] How much do they cost? I might invest in one if it could get me a better job or a pay rise. Any MA’s going - a bit cheaper than a PhD, I suppose?

Brian, you didn’t mention your writing for that seemingly anarchist mag POTS.

[color=red]*[/color]Edit: Ah, LL.M. Harvard and honorary PhD’s from Honduras and Paraguay. [Source]

The Taidu/Typo/Taipei Times isn’t even published in Taiwan is it? I thought it was run by a pair of Dutchmen. For some reason, every single one of the editorials isn’t actually written by anyone living in Taiwan, but rather all of them come from the U.S.

Comrade cmjding: I have a friend that worked there as a founding member and another one that works there now. As far as I know everything is 100% Taiwanese managed and the writers are based in Taiwan and the editor in chief is Taiwanese. But I will check again to make sure.

That’s right, but the editor in chief has left and been replaced by no one. His job was that important.

Why, that’s just SICK! Those poor plants – what’s to become of them? Won’t somebody please think of the plants!

Total bullshit. This fool knows nothing about policy at the Taipei Times. What makes me laugh is the idea that the TT is even organized enough to have a coherent policy on such things. And I think everyone here will admit that I should know. Poor Kennedy just can’t get over the fact that the TT didn’t think his writing was as great as he thinks it is. Grow up!

I’m still waiting for my list of pan-green fugitives.

While I agree with Lol on the disorganization theory, it was unfortunate timing to see this opinion piece in today’s solid green op-ed page:

[quote]The rot in the pan-blue camp runs to the core
By Chin Heng-wei 金恆煒
Friday, Sep 10, 2004,Page 8
What do former legislative speaker and People First Party (PFP) Legislator Liu Sung-fan (劉松藩), Yunlin County Commissioner Chang Jung-wei (張榮味), independent Legislator Yen Ching-piao (顏清標), Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Ho Chih-hui (何智輝), former Tuntex Group chairman Chen Yu-hao (陳由豪), and former KMT-turned independent legislator Wu Tzer-yuan (伍澤元) have in common?
The first thing that comes to mind is that they are all members of the pan-blue camp.
The second thing is that they all worked very hard stumping for KMT Chairman Lien Chan (連戰) and PFP Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜) during the presidential election.
The third thing is that they all have been under criminal investigation and that they all have been convicted of one form of corruption or another.
One is left wondering why so many pan-blue politicians and supporters have a criminal record.[/quote]
The rot in the pan-blue camp runs to the core
Will we see “The rot in the pan-green camp runs to the core” balance piece anytime soon? Not on the op-ed pages, in your wildest dreams.
However, the TT does report hard news on the corruption of certain greenies, although Feiren, I don’t have my list handy.

The op-ed page is a one-man show and it is deliberately – though in my view mistakenly-- tub-thumping pan green, day after day. Kennedy was talking, however, about the news reportage at the front of the paper. And Wolf, you know as well as I do there simply is no guiding editorial judgment there. Reporters just scramble around totally without direction. Actually I wish there was some direction and I would be quite willing to give it, but it has been made clear from above that such subversive concepts as professional knowledge aren’t wanted, especially if they come from a foreigner. But heck, there’s multiple threads for talking about the TT elsewhere.

I don’t think that thugs becoming politicians can be stopped until the gangster culture, particularly in the south, is ended.

I thought the center and south were predominantly pan-green.

Depends on where you mean specifically. It is a reaonable generalization, though. But I believe there are gangsters in all shades from the deepest blue to the brightest green. However, clearly the KMT has had a profound headstart in cultivating thugs. Ironic that CKS’s early dealings were with the Green Gang…