Woman sets fire to ex-husband's penis

Woman sets fire to ex-husband’s penis

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

[quote] MOSCOW (Reuters) - A woman set fire to her ex-husband’s penis as he sat naked watching television and drinking vodka, Moscow police said Wednesday.

Asked if the man would make a full recovery, a police spokeswoman said it was “difficult to predict.”

The attack climaxed three years of acrimonious enforced co-habitation. The couple divorced three years ago but continued to share a small flat, something common in Russia where property costs are very high.

“It was monstrously painful,” the wounded ex-husband told Tvoi Den newspaper. “I was burning like a torch. I don’t know what I did to deserve this.”[/quote]

Guess they weren’t ever in the running for make-baby contest…

Lets make baby,Boris

[quote]I was burning like a torch.[/quote]:roflmao:

"Asked if the man would make a full recovery, a police spokeswoman said “are you fucking kidding me?” "

I guess the wife will be procuted(sp) to the fullest extent.

Sausage sizzle!

Still I think it’s a poor effort. As someone once said to me on news I’d hooked up with a Thai lass, “woman all over the world lob off the old fellas of their naughty blokes, but it takes a Thai to lop it off AND feed it to the dog.”

Lose it to a Thai and you’ll never ever get it back.


“put another log on the fire”

Funny how the word “climax” showed up there…

New meaning to the term “feels like I’m pissing fire”

You’d be surprised how often this happens. Seriously. There was one last year where the woman doused her man’s wang in fondue fuel.

She probably wanted some ‘hot’ sex …

You foreigners just don’t understand Russian culture.