Woman tries to board under different name... again

I don’t get it. What’s the deal? Mule? Teaching/working illegally? Plain obnoxiousness?

[quote]A 33 year-old Chinese-born Canadian woman surnamed Cheng (程) was repatriated to Canada on Monday after attempting to use another person’s identity to board a plane, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) said yesterday.

This was the woman’s second attempt this month to board an aircraft using another person’s boarding pass, said the NIA, adding that Cheng was now prohibited from entering Taiwan for three years.

The NIA said Cheng’s first attempt was on June 1 when she used United Airline’s self-check-in system at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to obtain the boarding pass of another woman surnamed Cheng (鄭), whose last name used the same English spelling as her name.


She was able to pass through immigration, but for unknown reasons, chose not to board the flight and even stayed at the transit hotel for one day.

The airlines notified authorities after the passenger was a no-show.

The woman was deported to Hong Kong on the night of June 2.

The NIA said that the woman re-entered Taiwan from Hong Kong last Wednesday and successfully obtained another person’s boarding pass, again using the self-check-in system.


And by teh way, Immigration guys… gosh.

Isn’t 鄭 zheng? (I just looked it up)

Wouldn’t it help if the names were spelt correctly?

Wade-Giles vs Pinyin…, is it not?

Why on earth would the woman not board the flight and stay in the transit hotel overnight.
That would warrant an automatic red-flagging.

Whats up with woman? Can someone offer her some assistance? Of the mental kind.

Maybe she simply needed to have her ROC and Canadian passports stamped to fulfill the 4-month maximum stay requirement imposed by ROC immigration laws for dual nationals at the expense of somebody else’s airfare?

Maybe she is just a crazy bitch… I’m just saying

So she’s cheap AND crazy…

I’d say she’s smuggling something. Man, what makes less sense is the authorities reaction. How did they let her in again?! Obviously she’s up to no good. Crazy? I doubt it. Playing everyone by feigning being a fool, yes.

Sometimes I’d wish the proper authorities here would get a bit of our Latin “malicia indigena”, a certain sixth-sense about the evil in the world and how not to be played. Geez, I do not want them to turn into US style “you taking pictures at the airport, you must be am anthrax wielding terrotist” paranoid Taser gun maniacs, but a bit of “wakey-wakey” is vital if you want to survive in this changing social environment.

“Chinese-born Canadian”?

So her passport name is “Cheng” in Hanyu Pinyin and the ROC national she was impersonating was “Cheng” in Wade-Giles. However, would her place of birth and nationality not be a bigger clue?

Interesting that you can commit what is after all a fairly serious criminal offence and merely get “deported”. And then let back in. I doubt she really was “deported” as claimed by the notoriously inaccurate Typo Times.

More to this than meets the eye. Try getting on a plane at a real airport like Hong Kong or Heathrow etc under someone else’s name and see what happens.

[i]"The immigration agents immediately brought her in for questioning when it was discovered the name on her passport did not match the name on her boarding pass as she attempted to pass customs.

A Canadian woman surnamed Cheng is pictured before being deported to Canada on Monday, having twice boarded or attempted to board aircraft using another person’s boarding pass.

The NIA said the woman has already entered Taiwan seven times for various lengths of time. The NIA said her longest stay in Taiwan was 30 days.

The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei said it had no comment on the case."[/i]
…hoser… :roflmao: …