Woman wants to scam driver by falling on hood

Be careful of this woman while you drive in Taiwan.
She is trying to scam drivers.
She is quite good at what she does. She would fool even the best of them with her talent. She looks very experienced.

No idea how to embed, sorry.

How can one prevent this scam? Assuming you DON’T have a dashcam, is it just your word against hers?

I really hope the guy in the video is suing her for touching his car and for that middle-finger.

If someone makes a .gif of her running onto the hood, i’ll make it my avatar. Forever!

The 4X part of the video would make a good gif indeed :smiley:

Aphasic, one of the things that i like from Taipei is that they have cameras everywhere, so if she attemps to blackmail you, you can ask the police to check the CCTV videos.

What would her charge be though? I’m assuming she won’t be able to produce medical reports of any injuries.

Can you sue anyone who even lightly touches you with their car?

Kind of funny, but apparently here in Taiwan is a so offensive offense… punished economically.

BUT, although I´m not sure about it, it might be possible to charge her with “tempative of scam or blackmail” or something like that.

If that he been me in my car, I doubt I would have been that gentle with her confronting her in front.

here’s your gif!


Didn’t work so well for Zain Dean…

Done. Although i might rebuke on the ‘forever’ annotation.