Wondering about Peacefest? Peace Gathering Dec. 7-8-9 2012 SanJhan, Hualien

For all of you missing Peacefest, come join us for a wonderful time in San Jhan, Hualien County, December 7-8-9, 2012. This year’s event is being called Pratan Peacegiving (Pratan in the Truku name of SanJhan Village)

Yes, this is the same incredible site as the Peace Fest in 2009 and Peace Gathering in 2011. Praatan Peacegiving is a free Musical and Community-building Event with the goal of raising donations to benefit two local Hualien charities, helping children who need it [see charity info below Chinese text]. :thumbsup:

Peacegiving is an exciting approach to “fun”, where people gather and participate instead of simply showing up to be entertained. Happening on both sides of the twin rivers, a Yin-Yang inspired approach comes to play. The “Yin” on the north side is at the Siyak Sanctuary. No shops or street lights—mostly stars, candles, and campfires. Here it is up to whoever wants to keep the rhythm alive. The lines between audience and band are intentionally blurred. While there will be electricity for amplification and a small PA, there won’t be a “stage” per se. Unguided, we’ll let it be what it is to be! Wanna hear more “bass”? Stand a bit closer or move to the left…Camping and lodging are available here.
The “Yang” on the south side is in the quaint village of San-Jhan (Pratan) which boasts most amenities. On Saturday from 3-10pm a vibrant line-up of bands and performers will liven up the village from a river-side stage with a rockin back drop (literally!). There will be vendors offering food , crafts, etc…There is a connection bridging the two sides of the delta…a bridge! So walking can get ya where ya need to be.

In addition to the music, will will have fire spinners, comedians, and free yoga classes taught by professional teachers!!!

How can you get involved?

Volunteer to play music on one of our stages! --> band schedule is almost done, but there are still a couple of open slots and there will be lots of jam time on Fri. night and Sun. afternoon. Schedule will be posted soon.
Volunteer to staff the donations table or to work on the welcome wagon team
Come and sell food or handicrafts.
Come and hang out! The more people involved, the bigger the fun!

Please tell your friends, and join the group on Facebook. Please share the FB event, too.

All detail on www.peaceforpeace.com

See you by the rivers!





  1. 舞台表演者(樂團、歌手)
  2. 服務台(提供資訊、捐款箱、協助樂團、現場觀眾、交通資訊……等等)




The 2 local charities are an orphanage and a free kindergarten for low-income families.
See: andre.com.tw

We will be asking Peacegivers to make whatever donation they feel comfortable with, be it monetary, children’s clothes, toys, blankets, books, art supplies, etc. We are also trying to organize volunteer classes for them, teaching whatever the volunteers want to teach, be it language, art, music, etc. Our hope is to continue to make a difference throughout the year, rather than just once a year. We will do our best to make sure any monetary contributions are itemized as to how they will be used. The kindergarten is now raising money to build a new kitchen.

Our stellar lineup that includes performers from all over the world: Taiwan, Japan, Hualien and Taidong Amis and Truku nations, South Africa, USA, France, Malaysia, Canada…

There will be open stages times for jamming, so bring your instruments!

We are also featuring performances by the children of San Jhan and neighboring villages.

We’ve also got funnyman Mark Caltonhill performing stand-up comedy, and a free tai chi class

There will be lots of vendors selling food, drinks, and handicrafts.

Info about getting to San Jhan, accommodation options, beneficiary charities, etc is all at www.peaceforpeace.com


The weather in Hualien is beautiful right now. Pleasant shirt-sleeve temperature, mix of sun and cloud and NO rain. Wonderful weather for a peace gathering weekend in the beauty of nature!

Here is the bus schedule from Hualien train station to San Jhan. Out of the front station exit, the bus depot is to the left. More info (03)833 8146 Here it is…



More info about Pratan Peacegiving is at www.peaceforpeace.com

Friday Night (North River sanctuary site)
Dakanow (達卡鬧) 5:55 - 6:25
Kobayashi (w/ Dakanow) 6:25 - 6:55
Lanny (Blues Vibrations) 6:55 - 7:55
Mo Yan (莫言) 7:55 - 8:55
Mister Green and Friends 8:55 - 9:55
Open stage jam 9:55 - late

Saturday (Main village site)
3:00 - 3:25 Opening Remarks - Local children perform
3:25 - 3:55 Shui Feng 帥鋒
3:55 - 4:25 Samson 沙慕松+Damien(德明)
4:25 - 4:55 Weed
4:55 - 5: 25 Y.C.
5:25 - 5:55 Bottle Boy
5:55 - 6:25 The Admissionaries
6:25 - 6:55 Taluan Feng (Taluan風)
6:55 - 7:25 Gilrao Lraakarok 魯凱族鼻笛
7:25 - 7: 55 PEACE CIRCLE
7:55 - 8:25 Brian Funshine
8:25 - 8:55 Rainbow Spiral
8:55 - 9:25 Mister Green and Friends

Sunday (North River sanctuary site)
12:00 - 12:35 Comedian Mark Caltonhill
12:35 - 1:10 Andrew Sakanabca
1:10 - 1:45 Paul Simpson
1:45 - 2:20 Ah Fei 阿飛
2:20 - 2: 55 Namoh(等待確認中)
2:55 - 3:30 Open stage jam
3:30 - 4:05 Open stage jam
4:05 - 4:40 Open stage jam
4: 40 - 5:00 Site cleanup and say sayonara