Woodpecker, anyone?

Hi all,

Just wondering - is anyone else using Woodpecker to learn Chinese?

Over the new year I was trying it out and it seems pretty cool. Basically it’s a curated collection of YouTube videos that all have subtitles. You watch a video and the subtitles scroll below it and you can tap on a Chinese word in the subtitles to get the English dictionary definition for it.

Probably only useful for intermediate to advanced learners, but I’ve found it a reasonable way for me to try and “watch TV”. Regular TV moves a bit too fast, but learning a lot of new words using this.

I think the IPad version also supports Netflix, but I don’t have an IPad - did anyone try?


It is a good platform but that is not very responsive on my phone. Most of the time clicking on the captions does nothing. But the videos are good. I am lower intermediate and don’t read much so would benefit from easier access to translated sentences.

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I use inkah chrome extension to watch Netflix or read but is not for mobiles devices.

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Tried it, yes, but as you say… probably more suited to intermediate onward. Also, not really useful until you read characters, while many learn Chinese with pinyin only to start with

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