Word of the day: kakistocracy

Just felt I had to share this :smiley: :

kakistocracy \kak-uh-STAH-kruh-see\ (noun)
: government by the worst people

Example sentence:
The free election won’t guarantee an end to kakistocracy,
because none of the candidates have any more integrity than the
corrupt dictator currently in power.

Did you know?
A reader of Time magazine was once so surprised to find
this rare and unusual word in the pages of that publication
that he decided the occasion warranted a letter to the editor.
“Where in the name of Semanticus, did your writer come up with
that word ‘kakistocracy,’” he wrote in a letter dated February
6, 1956. “Is it a government of parrots?” (A “kaka” is a New
Zealand parrot.) Good guess, but “kakistocracy” actually
originated as a combination of the Greek “kakistos” (superlative
of “kakos,” which means “bad”) and the English suffix “-cracy,”
meaning “form of government.”

Speakers of British English will recognise the word “cack” as in “what a load of cack” or “I’ve just cacked my bags”

Or a government of people for people and by people who shop at Gap.