Wordle poster game

This will be tough, but maybe not impossible.

I went to wordle, input 20 posts from a single poster with a distinctive style and it spit out the following.

Guess who.

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Damn. First guess.
You get a cigar.

Too easy?

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Hmmm… looked at a few others, and I guess it’s really not all that difficult. How peculiar.

Oh well. Here’s three more just for the hell of it.
(btw, the site randomly chooses the font and layout.)

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The first is Pogao (sp?)

I’ll leave the other two for the IP forum squad.

OK, my turn…

Guess who?

citizen k: bingo. First one’s Poagao.

Merge: TomHill. Definitely.

TomHill it is. Your turn again.

Looking at that pic again makes me realize how frickin’ English he is. Makes me think of crumpets.

I think this would be a better game if the Search function wouldn’t gum up anything after the first page. Short-term memory solves these on just a couple of unique words.

Alright, I reversed the search display, so that there’s a mix of the most recent and the oldest posts in this one.

Cool game.
I can’t for the life of me figure out how you guys guess based on these words (I understand the principle, I just suck at it), but I’m enjoying it nonetheless.

Tash, what I do is pick out a couple fairly unique words from the “cloud”, do a search, and make a (semi) educated guess.

For the latest one, I’m gonna guess cfimages?

How about this? (Taken from the ten most recent posts, and ten of this person’s earliest posts)…


edit: oops. Missed your guess. Yes, the last one was cfimages.
And what’s this about using the Search function to find answers?!? :stinkyface: :runaway:

Hey, nobody said searches were allowed! :fume: :wink:

Yeah, not too many beepy pieholes on the board. :laughing:

Heheh, Buttercup it is!

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Alrighty, one more. But NO SEARCHES merge. glare beady eyes

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Hey! Fun game. Nice one Jaboney.

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I think I’ve got that one, but had to search. Otherwise it’s just too hard.

[quote=“Jaboney”]Alrighty, one more. But NO SEARCHES merge. glare beady eyes


I was going to go Taff, but I’m not sure, also, are you telling me there’s another poster besides me who uses the term “scrote”?