Work Culture in Taiwan Office

I hardly think the French epitomize western work culture


…and to think I have heard it all.


I don’t think ‘French’ and ‘work’ collocates.


They won’t just tell you off, they will get rid of you for doing that in a lot of companies. ’ Bad influence ’ on the other workers.
I used to finish about 15 to 30 mins after clock off and even then I could feel they were not happy with me. Passive aggression from co workers, shitty faces from management . I only lasted a year.
You know the type of office… Setting up overtime meetings on Fridays…

I think this so called ya miao is more to do with a lot of workers not liking to get up early and being tired from working and staying up late the day before.


French productivity is quite high, which is not what most people think, Asian nations try beat this by working longer hours. Our office does try the “EU” model in that do your work within your working hours (35-40hours per week) and if you can NOT do it within working time then the job is NOT for you.


They have a shit load of time off though, lot more vacation time . Maternity leave you name it.

there’s an argument that less work results in greater productivity, 4 day work week and all that

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It doesn’t work for a factory or service people. It’s kind of a dumb idea for many industries . The amount of work doesn’t become less. Now if somebody is willing to take a hit on service provision hours or on their salary…That’s a different story.
Im not saying it’s a bad thing to work four days a week . It might be if you get paid less though

I am already bad influence to the workers because I have a bad habit of talking back to management when they make stupid ass decisions. They think they can strong arm and scare tactic me, but I know they just have to make up for having small penises.

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I know they have lots of time off, my point do what takes in 45 hour work week in Taiwan and do it 36 hours or less like France or Ireland. I think it’s good idea to be more productive. Our revenue in 2021 is better because of this (such as on business LINE after hours domestic not permitted, we have some different rules on international due to time differences but still track working hours). With inflation , it’s the way for our business keep in good health and have good staffing.

Taiwan is over serviced.

I went to look at nee cars on Tuesday with the wife. We were not allowed to browse the cars alone. We had to have a sales staff with us at all times. Crazy.

How many questions are there before your items are scanned at the cashier. I’m use to a hello that will be $$$ thank you have a nice day. Here it’s membership, discount, I cash, phone number ect before your item is even scanned. It’s a crazy waste of time.

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Not all places are like that. Contractors for semi state companies are often overworked. Obviously convenience store clerks are very busy. Truck drivers and bus and delivery drivers punishing schedules.

If you want to see an ‘over serviced’ place visit a five start hotel in India.

Also, the workplace mentality seems to be almost opposite between Taiwan and France: Try to reduces wages, cut benefits or fire people in France and the entire workforce will go on strike or even start rioting in the streets.

While in Taiwan, employees even defend their employers for not giving raises and shitty starting salaries with the argument that increasing wages would also mean increasing prices for everyone. So low wages and bad working conditions are apparently a good thing in the eyes of some Taiwanese people :man_shrugging:

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Colleagues will even rat you out to the boss and try to undermine you out of jealousy. It’s bad man.
Not everywhere is the same…but…It happens a lot.

That f-ing makes no sense because no one is getting raises, but things only get more expensive.

Tangible goods, somewhere, somebody, along the supply chain, raised prices for some reason, but raise in services and employees seeing none of that is a perfect example.

Landlord and business owners class don’t want expenses to go up.
Happy.that all the workers work semi free and drive scooters so they don’t ask for even more money.

Cost of goods and services is climbing pretty fast now though…After long period of stagnation.

There’s only so many ways you can cut the McDonalds menu to hide it.

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Yes, inflation as a good thing I hope will drive wage increases.

“Oh, but things are already getting more expensive because of [insert-reason here] - if wages also increase, then things will get even more expensive. So it’s a good thing that wages don’t increase” :grandpa: :rant:

I doubt that it will happen in Taiwan. I could even imagine some employers using inflation as a reason to try and cut wages because everything else is already becoming more expensive. So of course, the employees need to help the company in these difficult times…

I could probably go on forever about the stupid shit that has happened in the company since I have joined, but really, it’s all a learning experience for me and I know I will not be staying long, so I try to just let shit blow past me.


Over serviced is wasted time. It is not efficient or productive.

A guest at a five star hotel will be paying for that service.