Work in Taiwan / need Sponsor? / Conscription question


This site is great, all this information is very helpful. I’ve done the research, but I still need a bit of assistance. I have a general understanding of the military conscription laws from these forums, but my question is a mixture of conscription and whether it’s possible to work in Taiwan.

My Goal:
–I want to visit Taiwan, with the option to stay and work if things work out that way. I am a dual-citizen, 33, male, born before 1984.
–My parents live in Taiwan, moved back a year ago.
–Ideally I want to goto Taiwan first, for 3-4 months. If I find a decent job while I’m there (not as an English teacher), I would like to stay longer to be with my parents, who are getting up there in age. I would probably only stay 1-2 years max. If I don’t find anything, I would return to the US in 3-4 months.

Is this possible? And how? Do I do it as an ARC using American Passport, or just normally as a Taiwanese citizen?

I’m 33, male
Born in Taiwan (before 1984)
Moved to US when I was 8, got citizenship
My ROC passport expired years ago (I’m assuming I can just renew it here in the US)
Neither of my parents born in ROC, but they moved there and live for 20 years, pretty sure they have hukou id (they are also US citizens)
I went to elementary school in Taiwan, so I assume I have a hukou ID as well.

Ideally, I want to go there first before committing to a job.

I’m also hearing there was a rule change and I will no longer be granted an ARC? (because of my Taiwanese passport). Some people said this but others dispute it, it’s a bit confusing.
[I’m familiar with the 4-month rule (after staying over 4months but less than a year TWICE), and I’m okay with leaving the country periodically]
I’m somewhat familiar with the procedure of the “Overseas Chinese” stamp

Basically, my questions are:
-Can I work in Taiwan if I go there first and find a job after I’m already there?
-If I enter as Overseas Chinese using Taiwan passport, and I don’t break the 4-month rule: can I be free to get a job in Taiwan without sponsorship? (without being liable for military conscription?)
-Do I need to be sponsored to work in Taiwan? (are there different circumstances?)
-Do you think I should go the ARC route using my American passport, or just as a Taiwanese national?

Thanks in advance everyone:)


hi im guessing ur here in taiwan now right? did u use ur taiwan passport? or amercan then u applied for the arc?


He already said he’s 33. Why are you writing to him presuming that he’s 8?