Work permit: Bachelors degr. vs Equivalent of Bachelors Degr

I have a couple of three year diplomas from professional institutes (obtained in South Africa years ago) that are each considered by the SA educational authorities to be equivalent to a three year bachelors degree. So same same but different. But then govt bureaucracies in Taiwan may see things differently. Any thoughts/ideas on whether this could be a major problem in getting a work permit for Taiwan for english teaching?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure that anyone can give you a certain answer. If your diplomas are BA equivalents, then they should work. I’d check with your Taiwan representative office to be sure. the standard requirements for a work permit as an English teacher are either a BA or two year diploma plus a a tesl certificate.

my South African friend was turned down for an ARC cause she had a three-year BA from SA. so, she had to get a fake TEFL and that plus the BA got her an ARC.

Bushibanned, do you know when this happened?
Curious minds are interested.

this past summer… in july or august i beleive. she had to look for another job and whilst i was in bangkok, picked her up a genuine looing tefl… when she submitted it with her BA at the new school, her ARC was issued without any problems.

4 years ago, the MOE accepted my A-levels and issued an ARC. The reason being because I lost my degree certificate and couldn’t produce it.

I submitted my A-levels to the school and two weeks later I had an ARC, no questions.

Anything is possible. It just depends on certain variables like what colour socks the official dealing with your case is wearing at the time, or how many sacks of potatoes you can but on a diving board without breaking it.