Work Permit from a patent law office (!)

I am about to apply for a new ARC or renew my old (based on doing research in Taiwan). Since it’s getting harder to get the extention I asked a patent law office in Taiwan. They are willing to provide a contract, but they are not sure about the regulations for applying for a work permit. The patent law office is not a company. It is a “Shiwusuo” which means “professional office”.

Accounting/CPA firms are also “Shiwusou”, but they normally also establish a company.

Is it possible to work for the patent law office? I learned that a company (!) need a certain amount of paid in capital, e.g. 5 Mio. or 10 Mio. NT$.

I am a CPA (US), Chinese, English, French, German language skills, can qualifiy as specialist, legal or managerial work, also work experience…

Ther has been soemone on the board that worked for a patent office, but he couldn’t get an ARC he told me … he had to get out every 2 months for a new visa … he went back home to the states last year