Work permit transfer

I have worked at this consulting for over 4 months now but have found a more lucrative position elsewhere. I was wondering how long does it usually take for work permit transfer? When can I resign from my current position? Do they have to reapply this whole work permit thing like they did the first time and also the whole residency? Is there any required length of employment period at my current job before I can change to this new job?

Please advice. Appreciate all valuable advice here.

I believe U get another work permit, and merely transfer your ARC by adding your new employer to it and removing your old one. Technically I guess you could get infinite number of work permits… There is an article at tealit on transfering your ARC…

Thank you WebDoctor for your posting. In this case does it mean it takes the same old one month just like the first time processing work permit? I thought the government agency can simply cross out the old one and put in the new one without processing through certification and the likes again, thus requiring a much less amount of time. The tealit info I think is applicable for teachers. I am not a teacher and am not sure if that applies to me as well…maybe you can advice me further. Thanks very much!

I know when I changed non-teaching jobs the new company wanted to see a certificate that I’d left the old company. What the government needs to see is another thing. Don’t give up your old job until you’ve signed your new contract. Then do the legal stuff.

U bring up a good point, I am not sure if the tealit info is teacher specific, I assumed that it was generic for any profession. The only time I have found the laws here to be different for teachers was obtaining the workpermit, as they need less qualificatons for teacher work permits than other occupations (merely that no experience required). Regardless of what you find out plz do post here for confirmation as I am no lawyer and am sure many could use that info as well in da future.

I’m in a similar position:

Found this job, signed contract and should start application of work permit now, but then on the other hand I got a very good change to get a better job. Neither of them is a teaching job.

Should I wait with processing the work permit until I know if I got the other job. Or shall I just do it now and then transfer ARC?

Unless otherwise advised by the new employer and/ or the government agency I would absolutely not quit the current job now until all the legal issue has been settled…'cause you never know… in terms of ARC and residency I am sure your employer will take of that for you which was the case with my current employer.

As for me, I have just received a verbal confirmation of the offer. Contract has yet to be signed. I was advised by the new employer that it may take up to 1 month and a half before the legal process can been confirmed and then I need to give 1 month notice before I can start the new job which is a total 2 and a half months away. But I think they are being careful. They did advise me specifically not to quit now until more information about the legal circumstances…

Mesheel, Do shed some light on your situation.

I’ve got this job already, but not satisfied with it. Work permit has not yet been applied as we were waiting for the documents from overseas. Now everything has been put together, application process could get started, but there is this other job offer, that seems to be quite serious, but nothing signed yet and will take a few month until i could actually start to work.

Should I wait with applying for a work permit for the job I don’t like and plan to quit sooner or later? Or should I apply now and transfer the work permit once I’ve got the new job?

I had been told by a headhunter that there can be stipulation as to the length of employment at a job before transfers. He wasn’t sure to the actual details but supposedly this is to avoid work permit scams. However I have yet to find the actual law that said so.

If I were you, I would rather wait 'til the other come around, otherwise you may piss off your current employer enough that they may say something bad about you to the authority. I guess you may have to do a visa run if your current tourist visa expires until your other work offer comes through.