Work problems: A cut in hours . . .


I’m sure this topic has come up before but I’m trying to get a better feel on what my options are.
The school I’m working for told me they were going to cut my hours by five hours a week which would result in a salary reduction of about 10,000NT. They gave me no reason and merely told me it was going to happen.
Then they tried to tell me they would also want me to do Saturdays. I told them I felt insulted and felt that they were breaching the contract I had signed with them.
I’ve been made unhappy by other rather small things that the school has done over the seven months that I’ve been here that it is all adding up to the fact that I would rather leave then stick it out.
They also charge 15 days pay (but somehow I think they’ll charge 20) if I break contract with them. I have a friend who has a nice set up that is hiring and much closer to where I live in Taipei.
I need my school to give the release letter before I could change jobs right? And it doesn’t matter if they’re intent on changing what I perceived to be my contract I really have no legal recourse against them, right?
??? And so my options are to try and make them miserable so they’ll transfer my Visa? Get with the agent that got me the job(who I doubt will be of any real help) to talk to them?

??? Could I cancel my ARC with them, skip the country, and then come back in on a new visa and start at a new school???

??? Or should I crack open a beer in school, have them fire me and hope the new school will still take me on?

Thanks for your advice!