Working Holiday Visa holder - Is it hard to find work as an English Teacher? From Canada here

Hi guys, Canadian here with a 180 day working holiday visa that can be extended for another 180 days.

I read on reddit and was advised to post here to get some advice.

I heard that English Schools want people with ARC’s only despite the working holiday visa allowing you me to work anywhere in Taiwan for up to 1 year. I am not eligible for an ARC on a working holiday visa just a resident ID number.

My question is, will it be hard to find work to supplement my travels here in Taipei with this visa such as English teaching?

Would be nice if someone who has experienced coming to Taiwan on this visa previously to answer.

Some info here:


no you are good. You can work ANYWHERE. Don’t teach english. Get a local job and learn chinese.


I have a real job in my home country, whats wrong with taking a year out of many career and having some fun in Asia?

The point is that you can teach english at any time. Try something you can’t get a visa for just for having the right passport.


" Are there any restrictions on the type of work working holidaymakers are allowed to do?
Generally, there are no restrictions on the type of work. However, working holidaymakers shall not work in places of ill repute."


That makes sense. He doesn’t speak Chinese so therefore he’ll have no trouble getting some other kind of job.


I understand however I can’t speak an Chinese, and English is my native language I don’t expect I can do anything but this to supplement my travels.

Gotcha however won’t employers demand an ARC that’s all I see on the internet. You cant get an ARC with a Canadian working holiday

Exactly I don’t speak Chinese are employers for English teaching familiar with this visa?

I believe it’s written on the visa in Chinese that the holder has work rights, but Taiwanese employers probably still won’t believe it until they check with someone else who isn’t a foreigner. You’re going to learn some culture during your stay :slight_smile:
The thread @yyy linked has some good information and anecdotes that will be crucial to your experience in Taiwan on the working holiday visa.

You can do sub at any buxiban.

did you actually contact them? I think many of them may be happy that they don’t need to support your ARC.

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But you need to get a criminal record check first, right?

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Great advice. I don’t understand why more foreigners don’t just magically download Chinese into their brains the minute they land in Taiwan so they can get a “local job” for half the pay and twice the stress.


"Does the employer of a foreign national who is staying in Taiwan on a working holiday visa need to apply for a separate work permit for the foreign national with the Ministry of the Labor?

In accordance with Article 4 of the Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers, working holiday visas are deemed work permits. Therefore, employers of holders of such visa do not need to apply for a work permit with the Ministry of Labor.

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To get the Visa the embassy in your home country (Canada for me) runs the background check before issuing the working holiday visa. Would make no sense to get a second

Oh, they’ve added it as a requirement? I suppose that makes sense.