Working holiday visa questions

Hey all. I was on the TECO Vancouver website and I was looking at the guidelines for the working holiday program.
Here’s one of the things they ask for.

Have pre-arranged an internship, workplace experience or work placement in Taiwan; have registered at a post-secondary institution and pre-arranged either an internship or work placement in Taiwan; intend to travel in Taiwan and will join the Youth Mobility Program, such as by working in Taiwan. Work should be the secondary, rather than the primary, reason for coming to Taiwan. The total duration of stay will be no more than one year from the date of entry into Taiwan;

Okay. So I have to have work arranged. Okay fair enough. But there’s one problem. I posted threads based on finding ESL schools that would hire someone on this type of visa and nobody responded. So I assume you are not allowed to teach English on the working holiday visa. So here’s my question. What type of work could I do? How could I contact the necessary employers and get documented proof that I already have employers who have already agreed to hire me?

One of the things I must also provide.
Curriculum vitae and outline of the mobility program in Taiwan

Okay so That just brings me back to my previous question. I know I cannot teach English on the WH visa. What other jobs could I do? And further more, since you are only allowed to work 3 months at a time for each employer, is it really possible to find four employers one after the other who will agree to hire you one after the other?

This gets even better. Applications must be made in person.
Seriously? I gotta fly to Vancouver and walk in the front door and fly back to Alberta the next day? Geez. Why can’t I just mail it in with Fed Ex or some other courier service?

Last but not least. Applicants should submit other documentation and undergo an interview if required.

I bet that interview has to be in person too. So that’s two trips to vancouver. Each is a two way airline ticket. Is this rule seriously set in stone? I don’t know about you, but it seems really hard for canadians who wanna go to Taiwan under this visa. At least not without jumping through all these hoops, cross country flying once just to apply. Second time for just one interview. So that’s two airline tickets you purchase. Two trips to vancouver. And even then they can still say NO.

Is it really this difficult? And are there any canadians here on the WH visa who has done this all before?

There is nothing unusual about having to show up in person to obtain a visa. I also think for a WHV that it’s extremely unlikely they would ask to ‘interview’ you unless there is something unusual in your application, but I guess you never know.

I don’t think there are many people applying for a WHV for Taiwan, especially as it’s so easy to get 3 months on arrival and then doing visa-run(s), so I’m not sure you will find a poster who will be able to help you. Call them if you have questions.

The main purpose of a WHV is supposed to be travel. So they expect you to find temporary jobs like, in a hostel cleaning rooms in exchange for a free bed.