Working in a Taiwanese Company is Frustrating!

Is it only me who think working in Taiwanese company is very frustrating?

  1. angry manager - even the smallest things can irritate him
  2. stressful administration/bureaucracy - people expect you to understand all the process without teaching in advance

sigh I am soooo dooneee…


Doubt it. I’ve never worked for a Taiwanese company, and even I have that impression.


I work for a fully Taiwanese company. My boss is fairly hands off. Even lets me play with the repair equipment when all the work is caught up.


When you realize you don’t care about your job, you can start treating it like a daytime drama

You can constantly bring up to your boss and coworkers how the air conditioning isn’t set exactly right, that you want it to be 75F exactly, and then complain that it’s blowing too much in your direction, and later that your seat doesn’t get enough air conditioning wind. During your next planning meeting you can complain that the company provided stick it notes aren’t colored so you had to use your own brand that you brought in, and spend the first 20 minutes of the meeting discussing about which store you bought the stick it notes at and gossiping about some affair at so and so stick it note company and how their family is so rich and bought a new villa this year. And then start an argument that other co-workers are taking all the coffee and everyone should get their fair split of coffee, and your immediate team should buy their coffee that no other team can touch, put a big stick it note on your coffee, and start a big drama when someone else accidentally touches it. This is all a true story and from personal experience.


I worked as a design engineer for a Taiwanese tech company for two years. It was like working in a kindergarten.


Would you mind to elaborate?

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Amateurish management, second-rate problem solving skills, no real innovation, poor communication skills. The only reason it existed was because it worked cheap and that was good enough for foreign customers.


Ah :slight_smile: My boyfriend also always complains very similar things!

Most companies in Taiwan are small businesses. Most small businesses are run by amateurs whether they are in Taiwan or other countries.


You are definitely not alone. I find a lot of companies say they are under staffed but in fact I think most of them are over staffed; just bad time management.

Let me guess… docked your salary for some bullshit

Definitely not me. I’m the only foreigner in the company and I have neither of those problems. The boss gave me full autonomy and I only report the progress once a month or so. The admin is also super helpful.


I’ve had good luck with small businesses in Taiwan run by the owner. Generally pretty sharp, reliable people. If I have a problem with how they do things they’ll work with me to fill in any gaps so it’s more like a partnership working with them.

It’s the larger Taiwanese corporations where the dead wood runs things that I have a problem with.


I also agree with QuaSaShao, my company is pretty big (more than 600 people) and the bureaucracy has torn me to the limit -.-


Ya, or in my case, terrible manager sigh


Small company, big company , not sure any difference really.
Big companies in general can have a lot of rules and policies to adhere to.


Which can be good or bad. I guess it all just depends on you.

true, vouch for that. Someone owning it, so that gets shit done.

here no one, everyone, 100K ppl “owning” the issue, so no one agrees and nothing gets done. Basically public sector in private environment. Frigging in-company politics then kills everything.


Yup ,when you’re working for a small company and for a boss that has put everything into it , yes they are sharper. They also require more flexible staff.
Just remove most of middle management ha


I highly agree. I work for well-known Taiwanese company. I agree with both your points. In fact, I left my team because of #1 (angry manager) and also terrible management.

Someone mentioned how it feels like working in a kindergarten. The quality and standard of work is amateurish. Terrible in-experienced managers who still act like individual contributors. Communication being a big problem. Product managers not being able to work at the standard and quality I’m use to an thus, the projects getting done have no impact or the timeline is very inaccurate because many things were not considered.