Working in Taiwan without a degree?

Not so fast. You’re jumping on me for saying the same things that many of you oldies have said in the past, and far more nastily. I refer you to these two threads, which I just dug up in five minutes - I’m sure there are several more on the same subject of teacher without degrees teaching in Taiwan illegally.

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[Fake Degrees

So you want to delete my posts because I’m a newbie who’s saying the same things that people like you have already said?

So I pointed out that this guy was exactly the type of teacher you guys were talking about in those old threads. He has two major strikes against him:

a) He has no degree, and thus is unqualified to teach, yet still wants to teach
b) He openly admits that the reason he’s coming here is to blow in for a few months just to make money to fund his vacation in Asia

Hmm. I’ve heard lots of people rail against exactly this type of foreign “teacher”, on this forum and in real life. It seems that the big mistake I made was to say it to an individual poster, instead of making generalizations about a general type of teacher that he fits into the category of.