Working in Taiwan

Hey All,

Thanks for you help in advance. So this is my situation:

  1. I’m a Dual Citizen with the “Overseas Chinese (hua qiao)” status
  2. If I stay over 183 days within a given 1 year period, I will be conscripted to the army
  3. In order to get a work permit, 2 years of post graduate work experience is needed. (I only have 6 months, considering I just graduated in May 2009)

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions in how my employer can obtain a work permit in this situation, or how I can temporarily defer my military service for about 2 years. Or really any other suggestions to work legally in Taiwan without being conscripted.

Thanks much.


I’m actually in a similar situation - only I’m an ABC and don’t have dual citizenship. My parents have Taiwan passports though, and live here. I graduated in June 2009 and have about 6 months work experience but my employer can’t get a work permit seeing as though they apparently require two years work experience and a Masters in the field (??! is this true?)

I thought I might be able to get a passport through my parents, but that seems to be complicated in that I’m not under 20, and even if I get a passport, I can’t get the residence that is necessary in order to be employed here.

Does anyone have any advice on to get a residence/passport or anything that would make it so that I can be legally employed here? I’m wondering why it’s easy to work here if you want to teach English, but so difficult in any other field…