Working on a 6 month ARC extension for job seekers

I hold the above type of visa and someone has asked me to do his job for 5 weeks while he is away. Is this dangerous on my side? I don’t want to find I am violating my visa and putting at risk its extension.

Or is this something easily accommodated?

Shouldn’t be a problem if you can get a work permit for those 5 weeks.

I read somewhere that you shouldn’t work on the job seeker extension ARC? But I don’t know. I don’t want them asking why I was working on it when I try to extend at the end of June.

I’m pretty sure you can’t and you’d need to get a new work permit/ARC?

Otherwise the job-seeking ARC would essentially be an open work permit, and it’s not…

But I don’t think a new ARC is offered for 5 weeks of work? Is it best to stay away from this? What do most people do in such circs?

with 5 week work permit, no, you cannot get an ARC. You might be able to get a visitor visa with the work permit. You could ask at NIA.

With 6 month job seeking ARC, it is illegal you work without a work permit.

Maybe the work permit is possible, but the ARC would still be job seeker’s–so the combination is illegal?

I would not change the ARC fwhich can be extended for a short term visa.

You could get a certain answer at NIA, whether it is OK to work on the job seeking ARC for 5 weeks with a work permit.