Working on student visa/student work permit

Does anyone have any experience with the application process for getting a student work permit since they simplified the system around 2018? I understand now students can work as early as their first semester but there’s still some info I’m not too clear on.

I have been offered a university place studying Chinese language for 6 months, this was meant to keep me busy until my Master’s program I’ve applied for hopefully starts in September (I’m yet to receive my admission notice). However in the wording of the requirements it’s listed that language students must be enrolled for a year or more for the work permit.

So I feel like I’m falling through the gaps as a short term language student, but also one that’s an applicant as a degree student. Can anyone shed some light if I can qualify?

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iiuc you cant work, as long as you are not actively enrolled in you MA program you are considered a short term language student, hence not eligible.

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