Working rights with Taiwan Area ARC (TARC)

My ARC is called 臺灣地區居留證 臨人字號入國許可

it is valid for 3 years.

Am I required to obtain a work permit with this ARC? Or is it basically an open work permit due to me more or less being a citizen?

yes, unless you don’t have any other passport.

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In that case, am I eligible for an Open Work Permit, or am I reliant on an employer for getting one?

If you are permitted to live with your lineal relative who has a registered domestic residence in the Republic of China, you can get an open work permit. Iiuc.

cf. Article 51 of Employment Service Act

Any idea how one would go about apply for such open work permit? A direct link to this specific application information page within the website of the appropriate government department would be appreciated.

It is almost the same with foreigners. You apply at the same place where foreigners on APRC apply.

Additional document is the ID of the ROC citizen supporting your TARC. A proof of your relationship might be required but I don’t remember clearly.

You could search on open work permit on the forum, or someone may reply more direct information.

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Thanks for the info. Follow-up question: If I choose not to work during this one-year period before I can get my ID card, am I eligible for NHI?

After 6 months of continuous residency on TARC, yes. Iirc

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continue here.

You apply at Workforce Development Agency’s office near Taipei Main Station. Application form (AF-042) is the same with that for foreigner’s open work permit. You need your TARC, passport, and ID certificate of the relative you depend on. Your and your relative’s address should be the same.

It’s very simple application, but you could call to WAD to make sure you prepare everything correctly.


Thanks! I actually live in Kaohsiung but I can figure out where the local office is.

(Although after reading through some horror stories of the office culture in Taiwan, I think I’ll just stick with working remotely for US companies!)

There’s actually another way to apply for the Oper Work Permit without the need to head over the WDA office in Taipei. You can do it via Post Office. Just gather all the required documents and fill out the form as per below online application (AF-042) and send everything to their office (see remark 4). You should also attached an original postal giro receipt of NTD100 (see remark 4)