Working with the Enemy: Halliburton in Iran

[quote]It’s just another Halliburton oil and gas operation. The company name is emblazoned everywhere: On trucks, equipment, large storage silos and workers’ uniforms.

But this isn’t Texas. It’s Iran. U.S. companies aren’t supposed to do business here.

Yet, in January, Halliburton won a contract to drill at a huge Iranian gas field called Pars, which an Iranian government spokesman said “served the interests” of Iran.

“I am baffled that any American company would want to have employees operating in Iran,” says Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine. “I would think they’d be ashamed.”[/quote]

Yet another Republican breaking ranks? She’ll be in the next train to Gitmo if she keeps up that sort of attitude.

Bet the criminal investigation on this is going to get buried … as does everything involving Halliburton. Perhaps they’ll arrest a couple of MSNBC reporters for raising it and scream about how “unpatriotic” the “liberal” media is for daring to report on this.


Did you find that avatar just for me. I like it.

Gosh. This time I have to say that I am with MFGR. This is finally some real news and news that should be acted upon. If Halliburton is breaking the laws by being in Iran, throw the fucking book at them.

Sign me Pissed as Hell

Do you like the little oil derrick on his beret? Now, I’ve got to go find out what all those Che threads are about.

Oh I missed the oil derrick. Thanks for pointing it out. Seriously, though if Halliburton is helping Iran out, fine the bastards. Fine them so it hurts.

I am shocked…shocked I say! We must have answers for this outrage!

Actually I am concerned about this…really. No kidding, this should not be happening. This time I’m being serious…really.

[quote]“We don’t want American companies propping up a government that’s dedicated to our destruction,” says Sen. Collins[/quote].

Is there actually a LIST of countries that fit this bill?

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