Worksheet burnout: Need ideas

Give me a classroom of 3-10 year olds, and I can entertain them for hours.
Give me a classroom of Junior High and it’s hit or miss. One huge factor I am facing with one group is the book we’re using. Remember - these are Junior High students. They have these books we’re using that are full of nothing but busy-work type worksheets. Let me provide an example from their next book they’ll soon get (a step up from their current book):

List of words in a box:
stir, clap, drag, hug, plan, grab

  1. Which word begins with the same sound as each picture?
    –(Picture of a clown) ______________

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! These books drain the life out of us all. I need something more.

The mars landing happened this week. Any ideas for something worthwhile to do with this group? They used to be a great group of kids, but the boredom has set in beyond belief. HELP!!!

Summer camp or permanent?
Music is always great.