World Cup Taiwan October 8 & 9, 2022 at Fu Jen University

From their FB:

Come and enjoy delicious food from all around the world and a wide range of cultural performances at the World Cup Taiwan!

This year, with the pandemic easing and things going back to normal, the #WorldCupTaiwan welcomes back its audience, international food stalls, and cultural performances to the venue!

12 International Food Stalls from Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East:

:burrito:Beef meatballs & Chicken shish wrap and rice…
:taco:Tacos, arepas, baleadas, garnarches…
:cup_with_straw:Horchata, Turkish fruit soda, fresco de Chan…
:curry:and more!

15 Cultural Performances:

:dancer:Latino traditional dance
:studio_microphone:International folk music
:notes:Afro-caribbean pop songs
:cd:Multi-cultural DJs

The World Cup Taiwan brings you so much more than football matches! Come to enjoy your Double-Tenth Holiday with us!

:round_pushpin:Time: Oct 8 & Oct 9 8:00-21:00
:round_pushpin:Place: Fu-Jen University Football Field
:round_pushpin:Tickets now on sale|Purchase your tickets now, you will be able to enter the venue on both days with just one ticket:

that Fujen’s co-ed soccer team? :slight_smile:

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I attended this event on Saturday. A bit misty and occassional rain but no major downpours during the 7 hours I was there.
Cons: (1) Looong walk from FJ Univ. MRT station exit to the field. Fortunately, 2 7-11s on the way for beer stops. Could have done Ubike I suppose or just walked by security at Uni gate to cut thru campus like my new besties from Swaziland did.
(2) No beer sold at event. I was wise to load up my mini cooler. (3) Food options just so-so. (4) Way too looong Opening ceremony that went an hour past scheduled time.
Pros: (1) Quality of soccer on the men’s side was quite impressive, women’s not so much, although the Taiwan women’s team was quite good. (2) Watching the U-10 kids kick it around was fun to watch. (3) Well organized with games starting soon after previous ones finished, albeit all an hour late due to Opening ceremony running late. (4) Big pitch converted into 2 small pitches for women’s and kids games done quickly. (5) Heaps of Int’l eye candy throughout the day to be seen. (6) Some interesting music being playedunder the tent by the “food court”. (7) Taiwan men’s team tying Italy 0-0.
An enjoyable day all-in-all. I will go again next year.


Pics or it didn’t happen. :rofl:


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It Happened GIFs | Tenor

Agree with you on the food options, a bit underwhelming.

There was beer on Sunday, sold out of a cooler by one of the food vendors, but NT$100 for a small can of Carlsberg, I think your cooler from 7-11 was the better option.

I don’t think they did the women any favors by making the pitch so small, even at 7 a side, they had no space to pass into and it was all a bit messy.

I think the tournament would be better off played as 7 a side, with the pitch slightly reduced, and free rolling subs, 20 mins per half.

However an enjoyable wee event.


I know which eye candy he refer to…
A furry one, a furry chunky one and another less furry but chunkier one.