World Gym Contract

Hi! I’m having a question about a gym contract. I’ve been going to World Gym for a year and a half but now I don’t have time and would like to cancel it. Unfortunately I lost the contract, so I went to the gym to ask for a copy of it. They said that they didn’t have a copy and would only offer different options for me to stay. I said I wanted to see the contract but then they would change topic. As I insisted, he said the person who I registered with is not working with them anymore and he’s the only one with a copy…??? I don’t understand… I asked him how can it be that they don’t have a copy in the computer, but this guy only had ridiculous excuses.

My question is, is it legal that they can just “lose” the contract like that and refuse to give me a copy? It’s World Gym, so I was expecting more from them. I wonder if legally I can so something about it.

Thank you in advance.

isn’t the world gym contract 2 years? meaning you have to stay there for 2 years? you can sell your contract to somebody else I think.

sounds like a load of bullshit, they have the contract in their system for sure, they just think you’re an idiot and won’t investigate further. Try calling them up?


Yes, I’m in a 3 year contract. I just find it soooo suspicious on why this guy just refused to do so… I know I have to pay to cancel it but I just want to see the contract first.

I was just there yesterday. I’ve moved so inquired about changing locations. Try that approach and they’ll pull it up on the computer.


I’m pretty sure if they “lost” your contract, you could make the case that you don’t have to pay your membership anymore. After all, they don’t have the documentation to prove you signed up. If it’s still “lost to their system”, I would try to make that case.


What i did is just cancel the card i signed up with. Go to the bank and say you lost it and need a new card.

You dont need to pay any “contract voiding fees” that is made up bullshit and doesnt hold up in court.


Thank you for the advise. I have been thinking and wonder if doing this is okay. Would that affect my credit in any way? for example if later I want to apply for a credit card in a different bank. Does that reflects in my credit history?

did you sign up with a credit card?

I think the above trick is a debit card one, which is also why they charge 100NT per month extra if you use a debit card. I might be wrong.

I’m paying 1,088 with a debit card.

Idk why people still sign up there and how they stay in business.

These gyms have been so unethical and pushy with sales. I signed up for one of the ones that went out of business and never got my money back.

Not only that, they have some of the most mediocre trainers ever.


Tell them your contract is done and you want to cancel. If they have it, they’ll produce that contract real quick.


100% - dirty gyms, unfit trainers etc…
i went to true fitness for 4 years, and no trainer was fit, they gym start ‘decaying’ and the cherry on the cake is that after 2 contracts of 2 years, they wanted me to pay more for the same service… hell no.

i switched to fitness factory — it is a pretty recent chain and it is pretty pretty nice over there.
1- very nice range of machines — mainly new ones.
2- over 10 squats set up.
3- ALL and when i say ALL, i mean ALL, trainers are fit (boys & girls). what i understood is that they are tested every 3 months and need to stay fit in order to keep their job.
they are all involved in competitions.
4- price is better than the rest
5- very clean gym
6- no boxing class etc… a gym and only a gym so if you want to use weight, push weight, drop weight… you should definitely try them ( 14 days free … :upside_down_face:)

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Just go to your bank, say you lost your card and need a new one. With a debit card they cannot charge your new card. This also works with credit card as the card number will be different.

They will try to call you to get money back and threaten you with “違約 (contract breaking)" non sense but the truth is they arent able to enforce that in court because it is not legally allowed to charge customers a contract breaking fee for a gym contract when you are paying each month up front via their system