World of warcraft confusion

I am confused… can someone tell me how does the pricing scheme of WOW goes? Theres a 150 point card, 300 point card, month card, and an account activation card. So what do I need to play WOW??

Wow’s pricing seems so complicated… other games like lineage II and stuff you just create a free account and pump points into it and you’re set. Whats with all this complexicity?

How is RF by the way, and any way I can play an online game in english??

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English WOW and cards in stock

I think it came with my new PC. Does it mean I have to friggin’ pay to play it. Fooooook off you paygames, Bob wants to play for free,
That is why we marry, aint’it?

Bob Schmarotzer

I’m interested in how to play TW World of Warcraft as well. I’d also like to try some of the other online games around, but I’m somewhat intimidated by the – entirely in chinese – login creation processes online.

One thing I did find which was pretty cool:

I was able to download the free TW guildwars client and play using my US account. So, no need to pay for it again since I own the US version. And the client supports all the available languages, just go to the options menu to toggle between them.