WorldCom the next Enron?

It would appear that the auditing firm Andersons has struck again in its inability to audit peoples books correctly.

WorldCom is possibly the next Enron having just announced that from the period January 2001 until March 2002 it overstated its profits by US$3.8 billion.

Hope no one has any real money tied up in that firm, as you can probably kiss it goodbye.

WorldCom will definitely tank soon. I consider that it has already done so - Just look at its stock price. Its failure is single-handedly destroying what little there is of Mississippi’s economy. It’s not suprising really when you look at the insane growth it had just before the US economy went down the shitter. There is no way in the present economy that they can repay those loans. Any over reporting is probably just last ditch measures to save a bloated whale owned by hicks who owe billions.