World's Most Expensive Beef Noodles


Lols at the people who have never tried this place and are whining about the price.

I was a customer before they moved and their stuff is really good.


No way man, spicy spring onions , maybe a hint of ginger or spinach and we are good to go, nothing better!


I’m not surprised with the words take my money tattooed on your forehead.


Lols at the people dropping 10,000 NTD for a cup of beef soup! You enjoy your overpriced lunch. I can purchase a round trip ticket to Hong Kong for that money, which I assure you will be a lot more value for my buck.


“Lols” is back!! And once again, letting us know how much better he/she is than all of us.


i never said I was one of those people but I like how you are criticizing the people who choose to do so.


Go eat your 50nt bowl of beef noodle


NT$50 beef noodles!?!? Where? I’ll be all over it like a cheap suit!


Thanks! I like it too!

You’re like a modern day Taiwanese Marie Antoinette!


I have no comment! I can’t breathe when I see the price…